How to Practice the Tfue Special in Fortnite Playground Mode


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This little Fortnite practice routine helped me out a lot even before I considered making a video about it. Today I share with you how I practice the Tfue Special or jump shot build. This is great way to work on your reflex, build and aim in Fortnite Battle Royale playground mode.

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9 Replies to “How to Practice the Tfue Special in Fortnite Playground Mode”

  1. The Duo says:

    What it is: 0:13
    Why Use it: 0:27
    How to Practice it: 2:00

  2. Use to do this last time but I'm bad at this now

  3. No offense, but I'm just not into battle royale anymore !
    Btw good to see you guys again ❤️

  4. reliez says:

    Tfue was the first who do it. And Cloakzy named it tfue classic.

  5. Strexley67 says:

    Best YouTuber? Keep going man!

  6. 2 comments 59 views classic YouTube

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