HOW TO WIN | High Kill Game Guide and Tips (Fortnite Battle Royale)


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30 Replies to “HOW TO WIN | High Kill Game Guide and Tips (Fortnite Battle Royale)”

  1. Ekon says:

    Anyone else loves when sypher used to swear lmao

  2. TiagoPlayz says:

    SypherPK what keybind do you use to heal your structures? Since you use E to use your pickaxe

  3. hoela hoep says:

    9:50 you shot her head off xd

  4. Ivo Grievous says:

    Happy birthday and good luck

  5. Haytrix says:

    Vel its freaking easy getting alot of kills when they are retarded. No one ever builds or being aggressive towards you.

  6. Sypher your not explaining how to get the high kills your just doing a commentary

  7. Lil Ounce says:

    When the best building in tilted was actually in one piece

  8. I never disliked a video I only liked the videos and will never stop doing that

  9. Hazy Haze says:

    Only thing is that whenever I play basically everyone I go against is as good as you

  10. arvin h1lev says:

    lmao so many bad defaultys

  11. 15:08 "I was over him by the time he came". Boy, if I had a pound for every girl thats said that to me…

  12. Meru Meru says:

    this helps a lot always get higher grounds

  13. Ben.Young76 says:

    God damn everyone used to suck at this game. Wish it was still like that lmao

  14. xHyPE Skulls says:

    Every kid
    He fought was a no skin so far

  15. 2:07 only 90’s kids will remember…

  16. Ns _Bj says:

    Can you add me swagy_p

  17. I love this channel and you one of my fav Fortnite players

  18. Supa Cozart says:

    @9:05 why can’t I ever run into bots like this they’re usually the ones that end up on my team ?

  19. Andy H. says:

    Awesome…But what I hate is like you encountered so many players who have no idea how to play the beginners..when I go solo..get some kills..then a try hard kills me

  20. Did they bring back the grey pump

  21. It's fine Ok says:

    These videos help me pass most of my fights

  22. WiktorWithaW says:

    Make a new high kill tip , please dad

  23. Tarek Arabi says:

    So many plebs back then

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