HOW TO WIN YOUR 1st GAME IN FORTNITE SEASON 9! (Battle Royale – FREE Umbrella Item!)


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HOW TO WIN YOUR 1st GAME IN FORTNITE SEASON 9 (Battle Royale – FREE Umbrella Item!)

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What is Fortnite?

Fortnite Battle Royale is the FREE 100-player PvP mode in Fortnite. in One giant map with a blue…

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23 Replies to “HOW TO WIN YOUR 1st GAME IN FORTNITE SEASON 9! (Battle Royale – FREE Umbrella Item!)”

  1. The first event was the cube event

  2. ChasePlays says:

    Season 6 but I didn’t get to experience it u was there but then they killed me

  3. My first event was the meteor event

  4. Hey i got two wins today on squads if someone needs help tell me your user on fortnite

  5. Kiril x Kian says:

    Ur a legend i got my first win today

  6. Draco Gaming says:

    Thx it was so freakin helpful i subscribed cuz u have great tips

  7. Dpk God says:

    Season 4 the rocket

  8. Lolsplayz YT says:

    I saw the rocket event, before the meteor lol

  9. 11:54 he should have got the hunting rifle.

  10. I remember when the game was pure. Bright green grass, battle bus, dusty depot, wailing woods, greasy grove, I could go for days. We need old fortnite back, maybe even a game mode of old fortnite.

    Use me as an "I agree" button


  12. MisterCasa says:

    "stops you from being shot"

    gets shot

  13. Paul Cox says:

    I played season 1

  14. ?? says:

    The meteor is season 3

  15. Taynimations says:

    I saw the Rocket Launch, thats the earliest event I saw.

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