I Carried the WORLD CUP DUO WINNER in Fortnite Mobile


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45 Replies to “I Carried the WORLD CUP DUO WINNER in Fortnite Mobile”

  1. Can I 1v1 u on fortnite I’m on mobile on iPhone my epic is


  2. Phizz says:

    Keemstar should make mobile Fortnite Friday

  3. Ahmad Mazhar says:

    There is not world cub in Mobile ok till now they don’t make world cub for Mobile player

  4. Juxcyy says:

    Title should be: Carried by World Cup qualifier while not being able to kill anyone

  5. Teach urdu says:

    1 VS 1 with me if you win so I will give you 1000$

  6. Ducky I really wanna play with u

    Epic game: HyperNinjaBoyee

  7. Bruh these people complaining while South Africa people have to play in 100-1 100

  8. Crispy Tots says:

    I mean if you beat him that makes you World Cup duo winner

  9. Pls help textures not loading on my iPad 2017 since the last update of Middle East servers

  10. Wawa Nop says:

    is this happening to you?my fortnite freeze but I can still press some button when I press the button it doesn’t work I aslo try it on my sister fortnite and it doesn’t work too! need help

  11. Looking for fortnite mobile player.

  12. MPxD says:

    theres no Fun in this game anymore …

  13. 77 Bxrry says:

    You Need to Play with Aqua

  14. Adimie Chur says:

    20 Bomb Game In Bouth And Thats 58 Killes

  15. When I play Fortnite on my iPhone 8 my skin textures and map textures don’t load fully. What should I do?

  16. Jose Castro says:

    Ducky can you help me these kids are making fun of me and calling my family poor can you 1v1 them or do something

  17. Ingrid 123 says:

    I need help… my quality in Fortnite on my iPad got CRAZY after the last update

  18. what you use on your finger to prevent sweat or something?

  19. Smxck says:

    I actually remember season 2 when Alex was good

  20. Derek Coburn says:

    What’s this kid talking about? He had less kills and they lost the game by 10 kills. Imagine having such a big ego that you think you “carried” the World Cup duo winner and put a video out on it.

  21. DuckyTheGamer pls help my friends unfriended me because I was really good on mobile and when I clapped them they left and now I have no more good friends pls play with me I play 4finger claw the exact one you play pls help my user name is MObleBTW and at the end is a smiley face thing

  22. Ducky how are you not having Texture problems in fortnite Most of us Have this problemem with trees and the ground And buildings look like a blurry bunch of colors

  23. Hacks 4 you says:

    Go check out my latest video on how to get easy vbucks just by downloading apps

  24. Raze_ios says:

    U should have just built around his knocked body to save him

  25. Guys is your FPS dying on mobile on the recent update

  26. Nova says:

    Only OG subs of ducky can like this

    You can be an og sub of my channel today

  27. Jesse Dill says:

    2:39 explain how he survived

  28. I died to ducky and rolandgt he hit a trick shot dark bomer

  29. ZorkDaGod says:

    How do you get that overlay when you stream from your iPad?

  30. U didn’t carry lol

  31. Hey ducky what is that skin called I really liked it

  32. Gamer Joe says:

    titles says carries, ducky gets less kills and they don't even win xD

  33. Thinh Nguyen says:

    i thought it was a mobile server

  34. Rush Cyborg says:

    I killed the mec , subscribe to me

  35. Wave says:

    Who else noticed that the support a creator just said DUC 7:15

  36. Lets see Byron vs meor better switch players

  37. GETR6KT says:

    Bro like mobile players are better than anyone I like have that feeling

  38. Nick Trimble says:

    I would love to see him and zensored 1v1

  39. Sh4d0w Bot says:

    I placed #4 With 16 kills…

    Me cri ;-;

  40. Sketchy says:

    When did u announce the iPad winner and uf u dint can i plz get it i did all the things the site told me too. 🤞

  41. I have just started to upload Fortnite mobile, if you guys could check out the videos and comment down you thoughts of the video, also if you like them subscribe, turn on the bell, and comment your username if you want it play with me. I would really appreciate if you could do that for me, TY

  42. mataba ako says:

    hes so greedy for the loot bruv 😂😂

  43. Jason Moreno says:

    Hey what to 1v1 me? Its okay if you say no.

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