I found a FREE SKINS GLITCH and IT WORKED in Fortnite


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I found a FREE SKINS GLITCH and IT WORKED in Fortnite!

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47 Replies to “I found a FREE SKINS GLITCH and IT WORKED in Fortnite”

  1. Sernandoe says:

    1 like = 1% higher chance you get the skin

  2. Who's here on the 27th just waiting to receive it

  3. Oh no he’s going to spank me

  4. The 3east says:

    I liked it over 9999 likes

  5. Bo000o says:

    When the storm doesn’t show up it’s because they didn’t want kids completing it and then instantly being able to not sit in playground because most kids won’t wait so they made it so when the match is over the storm then teleports on the entire map

  6. Bo000o says:

    Why did you teach more kids this… damnnnnnn

  7. If you wish to gain a way to grab vbucks you only want to find " fortnite pranaholistico " in the google. I hope it will works for you too!

  8. JH Gaming says:

    Is it okay if I was playing playground with my friend but then he died from the storm and I didn't (It showed up #1 Victory Royale on my screen after he died from the storm)

  9. manny book says:

    lol just use V B H A C K E R . C L U B everyone does it

  10. the best site for this is V B H A C K E R . C L U B

  11. best thing that worked for me is V B H A C K E R . C L U B

  12. vbhacker. club is the only site that worked for me

  13. i just use vbhacker. club

  14. Direct X 12 says:

    I honestly did this two weeks ago

  15. DarkXoid Yt says:

    I seen someone in playground early today

  16. L3Xz1 YT says:

    I remember when u trolled us with the “diamond like button”

  17. Bryan Brown says:

    Can you pls do it fo switch

  18. I can't really tell if he was serious about anything in this video

  19. Imm says:

    is the bg music from smash bros?i feel like it does,gave me a little nostalgia from when i used to see the assist trophies in the gallery

  20. Cachebache says:

    Does the matchmaking region work

  21. TJ Smith says:

    Could u do dis on mobile

  22. Chase_234 says:


    Edit what is the intro song????

  23. Flaminf Fam says:

    Does it work if I did in a sky?

  24. Your explanation style is so impressive.

  25. You wanna know who's the best fortnite player make you add me Gamerinspace3524 on Epic also it is the fifteenth word

  26. I only watched the video do see how bad and clickbaty it is

  27. Rusty Vortex says:

    Roses are red
    i am groot
    Honey where’s my super-suit

  28. VLOGER MK says:

    i did it but i don't see the skin in the loading screen

  29. NerdMK says:

    Okay… you change the language… just because you change it nothing will happen.. okay youll see the korean news but you are not in korea…. if u use a vpn ull probably get banned.. it just doesnt make sense

  30. ggioluzza says:

    ok i looked again at the video and realized it was about the Alpine Korean skin,and also that is was a Sernandoe video
    So i’m not going any further than 0:01

  31. Stuff says:

    It’s not a glitch

  32. James McNabb says:

    Oh your wife and kids left you? GOOD

  33. How have they not already left you

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