*JESUS* HELPS ME WIN Fortnite Battle Royale


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praise be

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38 Replies to “*JESUS* HELPS ME WIN Fortnite Battle Royale”

  1. throw the holly hand grenade of antiock wait were are holly hand grenades of antiock

  2. Laura Young says:


  3. Sun Wukong says:

    I’m sad how many people Blaspheme our lord and savior Jesus Christ. If you are feeling down or alone just remember Jesus loves you and the word will change you. Read the Bible and you will see. John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that who ever believes in him shall not parish but have eternal life.

  4. Rainy Aidan says:

    Except all the locations in the map are gone 😐

  5. sman 88 says:

    10:30 shot guns have 69 bullets lol

  6. Mark O'Brien says:

    that was funny last part of the video

  7. Marmonster says:

    Don't use soccer skin sweat

  8. This is funny and fun to watch

  9. MRGAMEZ says:

    landon:hell and prison that's right

    FBI:FBI open up

  10. Yael Vargas says:

    Your not weird liking a fortnite skin i also do its brite bomber

  11. Tim Ly says:

    Kokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokoknyvrcdbumji hubftcr b8,ok veg iimnnubnubnbunbubnbhbnbj
    Efi mcuhryfjhdn
    100000 iQ

    Dfimdunufnucheynfyncynryfnycnyehyfhcyhdy. Enhfnhsnurnj wurmjfnhehurk jeumdhcn enumerated me)f jendje jd imek meme j jeumufnuenf
    Emdukdmemrjmfj enumfjfn

  12. That’s not how it works lol

  13. Jesus and god Are the best

  14. Mathew Ball says:

    One like on prayer for prison

  15. F you😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬

  16. 10:22 hacker!! Just saying if its lag its ok but just saying

  17. Goobington says:

    This is my method on how to win. Your pretend ur a sweat then make them scared and shake then wreck them!

  18. Vicky Kelly says:

    Your a hacker lannan you shot that default through the floore

  19. KUNO says:

    When soccer skins are not hackers

  20. Sean Hinojo says:

    No One
    Literally No One
    LazarBeam:guys did Jesus just call me that

  21. The Pheonix says:

    XD poor lazar still goes to hell

  22. Wye are you youing gods name in vanse and being rood too him

  23. Plixey2008 says:

    I like = LazarBeam to go to heaven


  24. Jay Station says:

    "Tis but a scratch" "sir knight tour arm has been cut off"

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