Keyboard and mouse on Nintendo Switch Fortnite


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Using the new Gamesir VX keyboard and mouse on the Nintendo Switch while playing Fortnite. It also works on PS4 and Xbox One. Is this a Fortnite cheat?

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29 Replies to “Keyboard and mouse on Nintendo Switch Fortnite”

  1. ChocoBooh says:

    When you're trash on pc

  2. PPB says:

    Does it work for rh ps4 pro? Please answer

  3. The app he used what is it

  4. Can you change the keybinds/ key layout???

  5. YOBRO says:


  6. Sargent Cg says:

    How don't u lag on the TV for switch

  7. AlexN36 says:

    We’re do u plug the mouse in at

  8. hard licheryninimilamogwnwo

  9. Murat Özgan says:

    Nice video for ppl who don't now is this is special keyboard its call macro exactly this macro keyboard most time used for FPS 👍👏 nice video i have switch but i use this on pc laptop

  10. Ostia que putamente falso
    Cuando enseña la tele se ve que el no está jugando ya que se ve los botones de la switch

  11. Console gamers on Pc are directed to Pc lobbies. It should be done on switch just like it is on Xbox and Ps4

  12. セイキンショットかますなw

  13. Noah Gomez says:

    Does it do,e with the mouse

  14. yaya.o 34 says:

    Tu est qu'un gros menteur

  15. 日本人のコメ欄です是非利用して下さい。

  16. Yakō kuma says:

    I wouldnt say its cheating if its games like skyrim or warframe, of course. But paladins & fortnite? Yeah definitely. Its okay to have bad aim with everyone else when its a pvp game.. haha 😛

    i bet some people already got it for pvp games tho >.> ..sigh..

  17. これ建築どうせ遅いやろ

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