L85A2 – Battlefield 4 Gun Locker Weapon Review (BF4 Gameplay/Commentary/HD)

Battlefield 4

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Today in Gun Locker we talk about the L85A2 assault rifle for the Assault class in Battlefield 4. In BF4 this weapon is quite different then it was in Battlefield 3 and today we review this weapon to find out how it is best used.

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22 Replies to “L85A2 – Battlefield 4 Gun Locker Weapon Review (BF4 Gameplay/Commentary/HD)”

  1. Kane Gurney says:

    Can't beat this at mid range, semi auto 4 rounds they're gone 😀 close range spray n pray.
    green laser.
    folding grip .

  2. lee p says:

    L85A2 is 750 rpm even a pp2000 can out gun it

  3. Josh Souter says:

    l85a2 with angled forward grip muzzle brake cobra sight green laser sight

  4. D Simons says:

    The l85 rifle should have an ACOG scope on it as thats how it is used in the british army . Not stupid American crap

  5. brian tully says:

    i use the one or two set ups, 3.5 sight, canted sights, potato grip and flash hider for medium to long range which i think is this guns role. if i am playing agressive, i use red dot magnifier angled flash hider. I always seem to get more kills with this gun. For my side arm i use the g18 or 93r. These pistols help with the reload time. I start the reload and swith to the pistol if i survived the fight i get the assualt riffle out and its reloaded

  6. brian tully says:

    i whoop ass with this gun

  7. Keir Nixon says:

    Holo sight, laser light combo, flash hider, folding grip 😉

  8. jason columb says:

    I find the l85 the best with a silencer and stubby grip in my opinion

  9. Tom Barnes says:

    I just can't find anything that the l85 does better than anything else. I think that it deserves an accuracy buff to put it in line with the ace, so that the compensator doesn't kill the accuracy too much.

  10. Ken Cheng says:

    another bad time for this weapon is against the f2000 and the guy is a Japanese in the Asia servers 

  11. An additional key strength of the L85 is the burst mode. Often forgotten and Great for mid to long range targets. Low initial recoil: Stubby, muzzle.

  12. J Anderton says:

    L85A2 should have a bit more damage in my opinion, although it's an exceptional weapon.

  13. Notable says:

    I find the L85 in bf4 as I did the M16 in bf3, amazing. Like the M16 it will work for you anywhere, great at range, can burst people fast at medium and has a high enough rate of fire to get you out of sticky situations in CQC. Sure you'll find weapons that'll excel in specific areas, but I find the L85 to be my go to gun thanks to how versatile I find it. I intentionally neglected to not look at symthic before I tested out my favourite weapons because I think in the case of the L85 the stats lead you astray. I found that the stats don't really manifest in game as I would assume from reading them. The stats would suggest that the angled grip is the least beneficial, but from practice I find it gives me the most accuracy out of them all. As I said before I run 99% of ARs and carbines with nothing but an angled grip, and this rings true here. Don't need a barrel attachment, no accessories, keeping it simple but effective 🙂

  14. Enjoying your uploads.  Keep 'em going, dude!

  15. thx guy in my joystick is my beast weapon !!

  16. Tyler Baughn says:

    +Kulprit008 Thanks for the awesome vid man, I learned how to better outfit my L85. I didn't know they had stats out on the CR weapons! Keep these vids coming.

  17. i unlock the l85a2 yesterday 😉

  18. David Dhoore says:

    Benjamin Buy It on ps4 and you wil not be desepointed its way better on the next gen consoles

  19. R C says:

    my fav in bf3…the controlled mid range beast. unlocked it in bf4 jumped in and felt the same way you did….neither fish nor fowl. for careful aim its too jumpy.but it does have that high rate of fire. i felt like it was a bullet hose for hip fire wash downs?…not really sure. i too never really found a great way to use it. still confused. maybe someone other than you or i will unlock this riddle

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