Let’s Try Synthe’s Attack Strategy | New Th9 World Record | Clash Of Clans | India

Clash Of Clans

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Thoda jaldi mein that..❤️❤️❤️

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32 Replies to “Let’s Try Synthe’s Attack Strategy | New Th9 World Record | Clash Of Clans | India”

  1. I want to join any clan for pushing from th 8

  2. Live BoOt says:

    Fucking clickbaiter.

  3. smita bihani says:

    U had done wrong attck u should use lightining spell on air defense and u had not used queen ability

  4. Aanam Mazee says:

    wah great attack broo keep it up i'll try this strategy

  5. normally you funnel with e drag, heroes and babys an take the th with drags rage and freeze when you use that strat. I've already been using it for more than a year now.

  6. Bhai appka asus ka phone hai naaa

  7. MD MOHIUDDIN says:

    Please give me the tag of that player

  8. MD MOHIUDDIN says:

    Yus bande ka tag do plzz

  9. gill saab says:

    Bai visit the clan quantum 8.9 see the player of th 9 in legend

  10. gill saab says:

    Bhai army bhut badiya hai

  11. James Soren says:

    Bhai champion se Titan ke leyh attack batao bro and base vi anti three star….

  12. Elctro dragon accha mar gya ???? youtuber ????

  13. Bhai main apke base par multiplayer mein attack karna chahata hu .Itna saaraa loot OMG!!

  14. Mai th9 champion 2 mai hi Atka hu aache trophies aur base hi nhi mil rhe ????

  15. Crazy Gamer says:

    I got box from COC india box video is in my channel plzz watch it once plzsssss

  16. Guys what is the need of wall breaker here

  17. Bro base is too easy but nyc

  18. Coc Guru says:

    Plz say your clan tag

  19. Sharik Shah says:


  20. Tune queen ki ability miss kar diiiiiii

  21. Tamil Techs says:

    Can I join your clan

  22. SAM'S tv says:

    I know this already

  23. Tuje bahut easy aayha he aur troophy bhee muje toh sirf 4 se 5 aata hee aur base bhee bahut hard atta he

  24. Souvik Das says:

    Bhai th 10 ka 1 army banao pushing ke liya pls

  25. Sorry guys call a Gaya TG ha

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