Longest One Minute To Rule Them All | PC | Battlefield 4 by HeXe

Battlefield 4

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21 Replies to “Longest One Minute To Rule Them All | PC | Battlefield 4 by HeXe”

  1. HeXe says:

    My longest video ever (i think), just sayin.

  2. Thanatosbf says:

    I wish you played conquest metro with 3200 tickets :3

  3. Toming666 says:

    I don't know how,you re same level with Ravic but u only got less than 10k subscribe?

  4. j1mart says:

    whoa 35 min. how much time this one took to upload?

  5. tokrot says:

    LOL @ those funny comments..

  6. Where have u been these months?

  7. Joel Yau says:

    Congrats on your bachelor degree!!

  8. What do you think of battlefield 5? Are there any games you are interested in right now?

  9. Hello hexe whats your favourite wepon

  10. The Eccusive says:

    More longer vids! 40mins next time. It's a challenge, not for you but your internet ☺️

  11. BrittleSpeed says:

    You look like you sometimes have the same problem of random freezing. Seen at 27:53

  12. ZurekK says:

    What is your opinion on people using mouse and keyboard on console? I kinda feel like it's cheating, and it makes me sad that it will soon be officially supported by Sony and Microsoft.

  13. ijad says:

    I play like u on ps4 but i can't do it..

  14. the killer . best of the best. insane

  15. Joel Yau says:

    Gamora: What did it cost?
    Hexe: like 6 months to upload it

  16. Nielsen says:

    13:17 thanks for killing me ♥

  17. it took you a much longer time to comment the clips than getting them lmao

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