Mag P90 Gun Controller Battlefield 4 PC Multiplayer Montage

Battlefield 4

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Playing Battlefield 4 PC Muliplayer on 4K 65″ LG TV with Mag P90 Motion Gun controller and new GPU RTX 2070 in 4K.

this controller is massive fun and it gets really immersive.
the FN P90 replica looks dope also. 🙂

plus …i mounted an airsoft red dot sight and painted the muzzle fire damper in black for realistic look.

i5 2500k @4.5 GHz
RTX 2070 OC
8 GB Ram
4K LG 65″ TV

Mag P90 Settings:
PC “Monitor” Mode
Game Mode: “cod online”
Aim Sensitivity: 10
turn Sensitivity:…

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