Max Valkyrie vs Max Wizards Clash of Clans | 100 Valkyrie vs 500 Wizard COC

Clash Of Clans

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100 Max Valkyrie vs Max 500 Wizards Epic Battle in Clash of Clans. Max Wizard vs Max Valkyrie. Max Valk vs Max Wiz

➤➤ Valkyrie is master of two handed AXE. This glorious warrior runs between nearby buildings and can shred several troops or buildings at once with her whirlwind blow. She is one of the Strongest troop in Clash of Clans History. She is very fast, Huge damage per second and good hit points. She is all time favorite war troop for everyone.

➤➤ Wizard (Fire Wizard) is…

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40 Replies to “Max Valkyrie vs Max Wizards Clash of Clans | 100 Valkyrie vs 500 Wizard COC”

  1. Why wizard hitpoint is low

  2. on the basis of housing space 100 valk is equals to 200 wizard

  3. Naruto Bro says:

    Your so cool im you fan

  4. Ekam Badwal says:

    Hit point of wizards are low! But they are strong

  5. Anjali Das says:

    Valkyire vs ei promo

  6. T Series says:

    Lol that cheer at the end ????

  7. Awesome amazing Chanel in world no1

  8. SirIsrael VG says:

    Muy Buen video Aunque Cada Quien tiene su punto de vista Por ejemplo
    Para mi los magos son los mejores y mis favoritos El echo de que se tiene que usar el doble de magos o más para la mitad de las valquirias es por que los magos son muy lentos y muy débiles pero en cuanto a daño son lo mejor que puedes Tener! Enserio Con 2 magos bien colocados en el mapa pueden con una Valkiria ya que la Valkiria es muy débil en cuanto a daño pero muy resistente y rápida Haci que El Mago tiene desventaja Pero con 2 o 3 si acaso magos bien colocados pueden con una valky ❤

  9. Your channel is super please put bowler vs miner for my favorite

  10. Raksha Kale says:

    You are superb…nice video bro

  11. bro best channel I have seen your videos multiple times to give you a view I have liked all your videos and shared to my friends too and subscribed your challenge plz give me shoutout in next video plz

  12. I need members please join my clan my clan tag#22LG2LGCQ

  13. Sherif hazem says:

    you little fuckin pitch

  14. Please do minion vs dragon. 1 dragon=10 minions

  15. Please do minion vs dragon. 1 dragon=10 minions

  16. Sanjay Kumar says:

    Valkyrie is better than Wisard

  17. lovely sujan says:

    100 Night Witch vs 100 Lava Hound

  18. Nooo don't kill valkyrie ??

  19. Kamala Bhatt says:

    I am your biggest fan please add me in your all videos

  20. Wizard lost????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  21. ali khan says:

    Coc reality please do super pekka vs giant skeleton please and i love your video

  22. AJ SHAH says:

    Tell me how tow to download coc private server other wise I unsubscribe you

  23. game all says:

    Great video so awesome

  24. game all says:

    I subscribe your video

  25. game all says:


  26. Valkyrie awesome wizard is bitch

  27. madhav plays says:

    How to add troops in cc in this private server?

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