*NEW* FORTNITE SECRET MAP CHANGES! “Wreck it Ralph LTM!” – Season 7 Snow Cloud + Durr Burger War!


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*NEW* FORTNITE SECRET MAP CHANGES! “Wreck it Ralph LTM!” – Fortnite Season 6 / 7 Storyline Ending! Brand NEW Fortnite Map Changes! Let me know what you think of the Map changes and your predictions for the future of Fortnite Season 7 and the Upcoming Leaked map changes / Fortnite Storyline / Fortnite lore!

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26 Replies to “*NEW* FORTNITE SECRET MAP CHANGES! “Wreck it Ralph LTM!” – Season 7 Snow Cloud + Durr Burger War!”

  1. postboxpat says:

    What do you guy think of the New LTM? Do you Wreckon it will happen?

  2. Maybe the A.I.M skin is a warning cause its foot and arms are ice and theres a snow storm coming maybe he was from the snow storm? Like if you agree.

  3. My brother has an interesting concept for season 7. Food. Think about it. Durr Burger and Tomatohead are against each other, and they just released the Tender Defender skin, so that could have maybe be a clue. Again, think about it. In Season 5, near the last week of the season, Epic Games released the clown skins (Nite Nite, Peekaboo) and Season 6 was a Halloween theme. So yeah, totally could be a food theme.

  4. Raptor boi says:

    I think that what the Durr Burger and Tomato head will do at the motel is that they will try to renovate the motel at the same time to convert it to one of the restaurants, so they will:

    A)Try to renovate the most part of the motel and the one with the most renovated part, will move there, and the other one will find another place or build it.

    B)Renovate the motel and split it so Tomato head has a side and Durr burger has the other side.

    Like if you agree and reply wich one you think it will be (From the two options)

  5. the polar express is a train it could be coming

  6. I want a reskin for quadcrasher during season 7 hoping the reskin is a snowmobile

  7. What do you at Christmas?


    Gifting at Christmas?


  8. Sheri Hamer says:

    that dance in the barn is in the Wreck-It Ralph movie so I don't think it's actually at the actual barn at Faygo

  9. The Red barn by the Giant Chair.

  10. Who’s tame durr burger??

  11. My theory on the game mode for Ralph is,
    Two teams of 10 will face.
    There will be 5 minutes to loot for mats and other things.
    After the 5 minutes a tower will spawn in. (The tower will most likely be the one from the movie)
    One team will act like Ralph while the other team, fix it Felix.
    You will get points from wrecking the building or from fixing it.
    First team to get to 100 points wins.

    Hopefully I am right if there is going to be a game mode about wreck it Ralph.

  12. I’m pretty sure they won’t kill Ralph in the game because there is a lot of kids on here and I’m pretty sure the creators won’t want you to kill Ralph

  13. The barn is either anarchy or fatal bruh
    Edit: even tho anarchry is gone

  14. AwaSpam says:

    Or people have to destroy stuff to get points

  15. i have a theory. the food trucks moving is caused by Food Fight and whichever side wins the most gets the most sales something might happen

  16. Bring back thanos gamemode for stan lee!!!!

  17. Citron Ninja says:

    What if foot prints are left in the snow by players so it’ll be easier to follow and ambush people? If this is true what if something else will leave foot prints???

  18. Tomato head of Beaff Boss I'm Beaff Boss

  19. Does no one know why the hot Marat emote is linked with wreck it Ralph?

  20. Ha Lol nice photo shop idiot

  21. Ryry 047 says:

    Rahlph will break the bunker

  22. TheSwolOne says:

    Wait. Is the bullseye skin a Tik ToK reference?

  23. Who else remembers blue rpgs

  24. The Upside says:

    We need a Sneaky Snipers gamemode

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