*New* How To Win Easily On Wild West LTM! Mushrooms OP! Fortnite Battle Royale


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The NEW Wild West LTM is out and the weapons and shield are limited! Here’s a few easy tips on how to win nearly every game. Mainly!!! You want to land somewhere with lot’s of mushrooms.


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27 Replies to “*New* How To Win Easily On Wild West LTM! Mushrooms OP! Fortnite Battle Royale”

  1. I hope you all enjoyed the video! I noticed this one's got a lot more dislikes than normal. If there's anything I can do to improve it, or something that specifically put you off, then please let me know so I can better future videos! Thanks and I hope to read your feedback, it truly helps!

  2. NotToxic says:

    I like landing dusty to get mushroom and materials ! I won 3 times today !

  3. pigeon l says:

    I like youre dad no homo hes the reason why i play save the world and battle royale he is nice

  4. Jasper Beaky says:

    Can someone please help me get my first win or give me tips please I am struggling

  5. A new mic would be a really cool improvment

  6. Sohaib Baig says:

    Why do you sound english?

  7. I supported u on support a creator and on my alt I supported David dean

  8. I’m Zenoz says:

    D-ha David Deaaaannnn. You’re dad is the best!

  9. brother, im here from yer father. great family yall got

  10. Zarector says:

    I like how his dad does save the world and he does battle Royale

  11. i like how all the comments are about your dad cant lie hes a legend,your good at br aswell could you help me get a win havent got one in s6 yet 🙁

  12. Magic B says:

    You don't sound like Davids son xD

    Btw your dad is a Real Legend????

  13. Daan Theuwis says:

    Your dad is the real DAVID DEAN

  14. SuperSam50 says:

    Your lucky to have a dad like yours 🙂

  15. Your dads a legend btw

  16. Double Dean Army Here You Got A Amazing Dad Thank You And Your Family For Your Service.I Had My Dad In The Military As Well Served,Subscribe,Save The World PL 128

  17. r u David's son or nah cuz u sound british

  18. MadFury says:

    Hey I'm just wanna say, you have cool father.

  19. A fan of your dads says hi!

  20. MLz says:

    How old is he and why is he British and David is American wtf

  21. mr rodgers says:

    Your accuracy is great

  22. hoodiny 23 says:

    Ok your davids son… but you sound brittish im so confused

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