NEW LEGENDARY Pump in Fortnite!


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Fortnite: Battle Royale – New LEGENDARY Pump Shotgun!
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47 Replies to “NEW LEGENDARY Pump in Fortnite!”

  1. this video is old because it has the floating island and that was ages ago

  2. a boy called Connor desined the chickin skin and glider and axe

  3. Who likes the new shotgun

  4. RUZ_ Dash says:

    Hi guys I'm an upcoming fortnite and gaming utuber and I know many of you guys are as well please drop a sub and like to my Vids after checking them out Indy like them. And I'll do the same to u.

  5. Toqeer Rauf says:

    I am better then u at Fortnite 1v1

  6. Amber Ugarte says:

    Scar not a fan of the burst

  7. U sound like a commentator at the start

  8. *doesnt even find the new pump lmao

  9. Adam Crabbe says:

    I thought you deleted fortnite Ali

  10. Joanna Pyle says:

    The scar is much better

  11. FR's Ways says:

    If they vault the pump I will only use snipers then I’m part of xd thats all i do and i use the pump and heavy ar and snipers

  12. Theo Foster says:

    Alia delete fortnite your trash 1v1 me

  13. Ben Du toit says:

    I’ll choose a scar (duh)

  14. FAST JACK says:

    scar ovrer Famas duh

  15. Slime 238 says:

    Around 10:20 to 10:25 he said Tiltad lake lol like if agree

  16. Season 1 2 3 like or comment 4 5 6 my favourite is 4

  17. SMS Kid says:

    Will everyone plz go subscribe to SMS Kid on you tube

  18. John Whick says:

    Scar and u are trash

  19. Double Barrel is going to be removed

  20. 7pm Aziz says:

    220 headshot damage with a legendary pump? Hey Ali in tommorows video can we get some high explosives gameplay. Thanks.

  21. wigster187 says:

    do you think ali-a like if you think so comment if you don't

  22. Deon Pillay says:

    Famas than a silined scar

  23. Ahmed Allam says:

    Didn’t even see the new pump

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