*NEW* Tutorial Clash of Clans Hack April 2016 100% WORKING (PRIVATE SERVER)

Clash Of Clans

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Im not responsible for anything if anything happens!!

Hacked file:

1) download the two downloads
2) Drag the hacked files into WinRAR
3) Drag and drop the hacked files from WinRAR onto your desktop
4) Open cmd, type in ipconfig and your iPv4 will come up.
5) go…

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7 Replies to “*NEW* Tutorial Clash of Clans Hack April 2016 100% WORKING (PRIVATE SERVER)”

  1. Blabajd says:

    this vid is makeing me mixed up XD
    How can from the pc connect to the ios device???? WTF

  2. MarVeida says:

    Does this work on android ?

  3. HyDrA says:

    its not working lol

  4. DragonRazer says:

    Sorry I couldnt find a direct link, its not hard to find

  5. bilal ahmad says:

    please hep me hack coc with game hacker pease

  6. Eli Williams says:

    After I do this can I switch back

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