Ninja gives an HONEST ADVICE to those who are bad at Fortnite


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Ninja gives an HONEST ADVICE to those who bad at Fortnite

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32 Replies to “Ninja gives an HONEST ADVICE to those who are bad at Fortnite”

  1. bartez says:

    8:21 when autism hits you hard

  2. SPECTRO 001 says:

    Dude ninja is trash

  3. 2:53
    When you donate to belle Delphine’s patron and she posts a video of her slapping her ass on Instagram.

  4. ujqw says:

    Can't even play 1 match

  5. Mjestik says:

    I play 3 hours a day minimum, I've been playing keyboard and mouse for 9bmonths I have 2 solo wins, I need advice!!

  6. ujqw says:

    No matter how much I put in I still won't get better like why can't epic just give me god teir skills like I should have at this point

  7. ujqw says:

    Good players killed this game
    Good players kill everything including the game

  8. ujqw says:

    Sbmm needs to be added so the game is playable so it's fair

  9. He said try another game don't have to see all the video

  10. Sitt says:

    Bot gives advice to bots 😂

  11. Honestly I agree with him cuz unless epic is gonna add skill match making its always annoying to have a noob in ur squad

  12. frazier says:

    girls have it easier than boys prove me wrong

  13. FaZe Jyrick says:

    “Ninja gives honest advice” not gives “an” honest advice lmao.

  14. claye says:


  15. Angel says:

    Damn yo I just wanted to take a break from being an adult sometimes 😂 now I gotta try hard at a fucking video game??? Ig this is life

  16. Just apply the things ninja said in your studies

  17. im a natrual gamer im a diamond player on r6 and 1800 wins on fortnite

  18. Lunar says:

    “Little dick friends”

  19. Ty Murphy says:

    That ugly was nigga asking for a girls Snapchat on fortnite. You're a loser bro lol

  20. I think after this video no one will like ninja because you can get better the more you play you should never call someone horrible just because you're good 😲😲😲😒👍

  21. 2:34 bruh best clip in the vid😂

  22. jack flowers says:

    0:54 so is she saying girls are bad at gaming by saying sarcastically that it's so difficult to kill a girl.

    Women and them wanting equal rights😂

  23. It’s kind of embarrassing to me that the first streamer is wearing a thrasher hoodie and she has probably never touched a board in her life

  24. Why no life the game if you don't get paid for it?

  25. I mean he not wrong but shit 😅 you ain’t have to do us like that ninja

  26. Nerox says:

    is he talking about himself?

  27. Anom says:

    0:05 I felt her whole frustration

  28. Matt Damon says:

    If you’re bad at Fortnite, I’m sorry but it’s over. The game is not for casuals anymore. It’s a sweaty sweaty world we live in now.

  29. Rollem says:

    I want to go to Australia lmao Hilltop Hoods are dope af too.

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