ONE Dragon DESTROYS Entire Army – Clash of Clans 5v5 Clan War

Clash Of Clans

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ONE Dragon DESTROYS Entire Army – Clash of Clans 5v5 Clan War

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Don’t forget to check out the Clash of Clans ‘strange but true’ series – some of the oddest, rarest things in Clash of Clans- and more than a few that are GONE – players banned from CoC forever for Clash of Clans hacks and Clash of Clans cheats! More videos coming soon- be sure to submit your strange but true bases, players and clans for a shout out in a future video!

Clash of…

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36 Replies to “ONE Dragon DESTROYS Entire Army – Clash of Clans 5v5 Clan War”

  1. Damon Lancer says:

    That th9 wasnt pakman?

  2. ?????? says:

    Bring a max baby drag in cc instead of loons for ur th2

  3. Rica Sanchez says:

    Peter$17 is back in coc

  4. PHILIPPINEgamer lvl 2 you can join to my clan we need more members our members are only 7 plss join now

  5. Symon Sypher says:


  6. I'm not first I'm not last if i see galadon's video i click it fast

  7. ZG player says:

    Yup baby vrs baby ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  8. Wtf baloons first and archers behind so that the baby drag go after loons and archers finish the job

  9. Ethan Guzman says:

    I know the member, Peter17$, …. right??

  10. Clash Smash says:

    Why is There so much loot in Th3😐such a rich noob

  11. Baby d does splash damage so don’t put archers together

  12. Because the troops were all goblins

  13. what is this and why is there such low levels and what the heck

  14. What's a non full attack galadon 😂

  15. 🤣galedon desper to keep COC relevan. Who plays that shit anymore. He has 5 accounts under him just to make an interesting video.

  16. John Mckewin says:

    Free gems for clash of clans on extra gem's. Com

  17. Galadon if I give you my tag could my th9 come war with you? I don't rush

  18. Just use archers to distract baby while loons do work or place all archers at once

  19. rick kroon says:

    galadon go to your attack watches and pass the attack when the discowizz is placed
    listen than and you can listening the full soundtrack

  20. J T says:

    How come it only costs $99.99 for 14,000 gems on his account while mine is charging $139.99?

  21. tg341 says:

    Why didn’t you just deploy all the archers in a circle? That really hurt watching

  22. His loot for a town hall 2…

  23. MainZ EU says:

    You should have used the loons while you were trying to kill the baby drag

  24. Aren't u planning to add Peter in any of ur wars!!?

  25. vio says:

    gally play the next cwl with your accs or make a bigger war, 10v10?🐔🥚

  26. SaKe fn says:

    Im honestly stumped why does the number 1337 appear everywhere, even his gems!

  27. Secret says:

    You shud hv kept the baby drag distracted and send the loons to clear the base

  28. Galadon I like these just galadon vids, maybe make some more?!

  29. Ricky Yang says:

    Peter 17$ is joining

  30. Hundred million gold…

  31. SHA AK47 says:

    Shy not lure the design to a corner then deploy all the Archers and the ballons in the base.

  32. Inkhao Huang says:

    How to listen party wizard music:
    1.disable sound effect
    2.go attack a FWA base with 1 party wizard
    3.enjoy the music

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