ONE GUN ONLY CHALLENGE! (Fortnite Battle Royale)


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It’s time for another Fornite Battle Royale Challenge! This time we are only allowed to carry one gun at a time. Watch as Kwebbelkop and Jelly have to decide whether to pick a long range or short range weapon. Comment below to let us know what Fortnite Challenge to do next!

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42 Replies to “ONE GUN ONLY CHALLENGE! (Fortnite Battle Royale)”

  1. Slogoman says:

    It's my birthday today guys! How many of you do I share a birthday with?

  2. Haley Paine says:

    Challenging a challenge of we’re when you kill someone you have to take all of there loot

  3. Ana Lopez says:

    You guys should do the sniper only challenge

  4. do med kit,bandage,shields only

  5. The guy in the corner that was me

  6. I love your videos u r better then jelly

  7. No scoop only challenge

  8. you should do 1 sniper challenge against each other in playground

  9. Next challenge no building 🤣🤣

  10. I’ve got a challenge… no legendary weapons or chug jugs

  11. Tanuja Lakan says:

    Gray weapon challenge

  12. juli ng says:

    No gun challenge,only bombs

  13. Sniper only so you are only allowed to us snipers.

  14. Do a only grenade launcher challenge

  15. sapkota jove says:

    next chalange :supply drops only

  16. Do the pacifist challenge. The rules are no guns or killing others. And by no guns I mean you can't pick them up.

  17. Don't touch the island challenge and happy birthday

  18. The headshot challenge
    Only kill people with headshots

  19. Fata Tafaese says:

    You should do no med kit

  20. Demarcus K says:

    No Shield challenge the rules are no Shield potion

  21. adish tulsi says:

    Do a murder mystery

  22. try the challenge pickaxeonky

  23. No building challenge

  24. CRC 123 says:

    No gun challenge pickaxe only

  25. No 🚫 material like wood, brick, steal nothing like this ❌

  26. Do a challenge with only a pickaxe

  27. david jara says:

    I have an ida no chpoing down tree or distrouy to get materials

  28. Do a no scope sniper challenge

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