PUBG 1.0 Best Settings – Increase Your Visibility and Overall Performance


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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has finally been released. Version 1.0 is official. However, the game’s highest settings are not necessarily the best. So here’s an updated guide to achieving maximum performance in this battle royale giant.

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17 Replies to “PUBG 1.0 Best Settings – Increase Your Visibility and Overall Performance”

  1. I'm kind of new to computers, but how do you open a path.

  2. J Boy says:

    will the -USEALLAVAILABLE…etc get you banned?

  3. Bing says:

    what specs do i need for this

  4. Cam says:

    I no what the best settings are… buy a good PC gg.


  6. What? Turn off AA? And make everything a undetailed blob-mess? No thanks.

  7. JasonSPD says:

    No before and afters?

  8. Naxks says:

    used controller… lost respect

  9. Ryan Ianaro says:

    ALSO , to add onto my previous comment ….If you have trouble with fps in the game , do yorself a favor and purchase CPU cores from steam…..thank me later

  10. Ryan Ianaro says:

    this comment im about to make is in regards to nvidia users… couldn't be more wrong about putting post processing to very low when it comes to visibility aid…..Go into nvidia control panel, then go to adjust desktop color settings under the display header along the left side of the screen. once there go to digital vibrance and put it up to 75% then save and exit. boot up PUBG and change post processing to MEDIUM !!!!! You may have to play around with your monitor settings as far as the buttons used on your physical monitor to dial in the 75% vibrance just right. Once you have it dialed in start a pubg match with the post proc on medium……play 2-3 matches. Now take your post proc to very low and you'll see EXACTLY what I mean. Opponents bodies stick out SOOOOOOO much better than if the setting was on very low. I used to think the same thing about post proc but now i kick myself in the ass for not trying this any sooner. The digital vibrance settings doesn't affect your performance one bit either.

  11. pubg developers disabled launch options a while ago, they make no difference on game play. Putting anti-alaising on ultra removes a lot of late rendering and is only a trivial FPS loss so i'd recommend doing so rather than low, it really smoothes the game out. Putting screen scale on 120 and textures on high will cause a lot of people to lose FPS, only really high level computers can handle so much. Screen scale on 100 is perfect. Lowering FOV can increase FPS as well. View distance is only super far things so low/medium honestly works fine and will help you get higher fps

  12. PedMar says:

    Its better you add those launch options to the description so we just copy paste it

  13. I literally can't not set everything to Ultra and max out all the settings. Must be OCD or something 😂. Have you tried reshade to make people easier to see at distance?

  14. Jack Kool says:

    also, in the in-game settings go to gameplay and turn off "inventory character render" at the top.

  15. Dis says:

    Can you change setting on Xbox? Because the vid is on Xbox.

  16. -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -malloc=system -sm4 // copy paste guys 🙂

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