PUBG Highlights-May 2018 [fregrowli files]


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Welcome back for another PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds highlight reel! Enjoy the entire PUBG Highlights playlist here:
Enjoy some hilarious vehicle moments, chicken dinners, kills, deaths, and voice moments!

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12 Replies to “PUBG Highlights-May 2018 [fregrowli files]”

  1. Canna710 says:

    So how have we not squared up? Need to get down on the crossbow event.

  2. Where's the grow tube at?

  3. Kello N.O.G says:

    … yet so far lmao ahaha

  4. <3 such skill, much wow, many backflip

  5. Have you seen the video of that squad that uses only frying pans. It's crazy. They use them to deflect bullets and then they just bash skulls in. Watched a video where they took the dinner using only frying pans. Can't remember the name of their squad it was something like the Nigerian army. They all ware the same jump suits.

  6. I absolutely love the vehicles part, had me laughing my ass off!

  7. paulz248 says:

    I was in Arbor Wellness Tuesday, I live in A2 ,and wanted to ask you a question

  8. Sweet skillz I'm completely addicted to pubg I play mobile mostly but I use a Bluetooth controller so I still have the accuracy.

  9. Always looking for fellow cannabis community friends to play PUBG Mobile with I'm @bdh777 on it. I'm @bdh420 on IG. Anyone is welcome to join me. 👍

  10. ShuhDonk says:

    Hey, would you mind doing a detailed howto video on your closed loop system. I watched your series you have up and is very helpful. I just purchased a complete closed loop active kit from best value vac and would like a detailed howto on creating a quality product. thanks!

  11. Long time no see, welcome back

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