PUBG mobile HDR realistic on Iphone 7+


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Looks great runs good

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13 Replies to “PUBG mobile HDR realistic on Iphone 7+”

  1. Elmar Basim says:

    Hey man
    Just saying this video was the reason I bought the 7+
    Thank you soo much

  2. Iphone are the best devices for playing pubg its runs so good

  3. Is there drop of fps playing pubg on hdr+realistic?

  4. Twice Mina says:

    Does ur phone heatup if u continuously play?

  5. Is that 7 or 7 plus? Bro the screen is small

  6. WOLF YT says:

    How big is the screen,nice vid it runs wery smoothly

  7. Jfgh Dgjc says:

    Not iPhone 7 plus iphone7 …. HDR pls tell me

  8. Iphone 7 no 7plus. Iphone7. HDR

  9. Red X says:

    Iphone 7 plus with HDR is posible for configuration of PUBG?

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