pubg mobile on pc – Memu app not supported fix


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*How To Download And Install and play Pubg Mobile In Pc with memu
for low end PC watch this pls :

*This is good software for low specification pc

*download link for memu emulator:

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pubg tips and tricks

20 Replies to “pubg mobile on pc – Memu app not supported fix”

  1. Gaming VDZ says:

    kindly check our channel we have new video and more details about this issue thank you

  2. Thank you alot, its still working in 2k19 😀

  3. Ismail Gul says:

    wont work dont waste your time guys i have already checked

  4. Nimish Patil says:

    I have 2 GB ram then what to do

  5. Subang subba says:

    only 307 is typing 2 is not typing

  6. SNOPARI says:

    OOOOO maaannn ty now i can play with my friends TYYY SO MUCCHHHH 1DAY WITHOUT SLEEPING TYYYY

  7. 3li 3liiwa says:

    Its not working..
    Core i 5
    Ram 4..3 free
    Intel 4000

  8. What did u do aftrt that message pop up.. I can't understand. How u got that pubg setting.

  9. Andy Filho says:

    Music too loud can't hear anything

  10. Gaming VDZ says:

    just stay tuned i will post vedio about low end PC games same as PUBG

  11. Zxkwxn Wxnz says:

    it can play on 2gb ram pc?

  12. Cool video from Sub # ? now its your turn

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