PUBG Xbox One Keyboard and Mouse Support? (Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds)


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Do you think that keyboard and mouse should be allowed on Xbox One?

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30 Replies to “PUBG Xbox One Keyboard and Mouse Support? (Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds)”

  1. U can do it on minecraft 😂😂

  2. X vMasked says:

    I mean if they make it to where we can use m&k it would be great, BUUT make it to where ppl that play with a controller only go up against controllers and m&k go up against m&k

  3. Farmer Cyst says:

    Funnily enough, K & M would barely get me onto a level playing field with people using controllers. I am SO FUCKING BAD at PUBG.

  4. It will be great but they should make a server for them.

  5. I think mouse and keyboard will make the game better using controllers on a game like pubg limits you so much a mouse can increase your kill chances as you can control recoil easier controllers are very bulky and not as sensitive, also you can buy a keyboard and mouse for like under £20 or dollars where as a controller is like £50

  6. If I want to play mouse and keyboard, I'll play on my pc. Playing on controller is a different option of gaming. I've been playing games since the 90's. I think this whole crossplay idea sucks. Sad to say but xbox one will be the last console I ever buy. PC gaming only now lmao…

  7. No. No no no.

    Console is console for a reason. It doesn’t matter if they support mkb, it’s cheating, it’s wrong, it ruins the experience. It’s like bringing a cricket bat to a baseball game, or like bringing a gun to a game of tag. It’s absolutely insane this goes on, and you can tell when someone has one if you watch enough spectating.

    No no no, never allow mkb on xbox, never on pubg, ban anyone that’s ever used them for life, and permanently pledge to never allow mkb on any console. That’s the bare minimum.

  8. i vote yes because you can get a good mouse and keyboard for less than a new controller

  9. Dodox Starx says:

    Just bad players play PUBG on Xbox with keyboard because on pc never kill anyone

  10. EmpireJester says:

    KB&M should be able to play it if everyone coulde do it if they have KB&M but their should Just be survers for KB&M users on pc and console. So if people are still useing controllers are against other controllers.

  11. All the people bitching are the kind of people that type with 1 finger they have the adapters and they can't ban them so they should just let it happen about 25% of the people I play with use it

  12. Tony Greene says:

    No I disagree with all the crying in here..I'm trying to play War Thunder(finally, thank Lord) on xbox in a environment filled withbattle hardened pilots with all the dopest shit we don't even get as know ABOUT. High end graphics cards, wicked wide monitors with refresh rates, fps that don't slip. Controller setup that gives them the ability to map small things together to make a easy one key press and I'm here on this control that no matter how good you are, how hard you try it is not fun when War Thunder IS anything but free to play. Y'all are sniveling cause of fps games. That isn't shit,lol, y'all NEED to get your weight up, come try War Thunder where you bff to make you control function properly, not Gaijiin who gives you shit controls out the box. He'll I didn't know how amazing the game was till someone was decent enough to help. I NEED Mouse /key for legitimate reasons y'all are tripping on some dumb shit

  13. Paul Owen says:

    Spot on Average, totally agree👍

  14. Hector M. says:

    Do you use keyboard n mouse on console ?

  15. K&M have zero place on console, the controller is one of the points of a console and everyone on console should be using the same input device.

  16. In the new War Thunder, they offer an option of cross-platform and if you want to or not. Also War Thunder for a flight you will need a mouse keyboard because the flight controls are extremely clunky at this time.

  17. Cody Purcell says:

    It is already allowed

  18. it would suck, no more winding day after a long day on the couch/bed. gotta go all sweaty on a pc. yeah that sounds like fun! btw i play pubg on pc though.

  19. Mouse and keyboard if supported they will either have to split the community and half and different matchmaking for both controller and m&k or they could let them play together both are a bad idea so no I don't think they should put m&k support

  20. Jason Hupp says:

    If people want to spend their OWN money on the set up ,then let them. Not everyone has the money to switch to PC. They make better gaming controllers that some can't afford so how is that any different in a sense? People are reacting as if every player the will run into will be using that set up.

  21. JJZB Jones says:

    Look idiots that say it should not be allowed. If there is an option to were anyone can chose keyboard and mouse over controller and they have more experience with keyboard and mouse then let them use it. The only reason I like keyboard and mouse on Xbox is because gaming PCs are to expensive were as a good device like Xbox is only $500 rather than $1000 and is smoother for the price

  22. It is soooo simple, if microsoft put K&M Support, they can split the server/game
    to only GAMEPAD Players or only K&M or to both can play together, so everyone can choose. Soooo what's the problem?

  23. Dry says:

    I wanna vote for yes. Guys dont hate me ik its cheating just some ppl cant afford gaming pc like me :/

  24. Greg Fonzy says:

    The aiming system is not designed for a k&m on xbox one edition of pubg, it's a terribly adjusted port for controllers that makes using a keyboard and mouse on this version of the game nearly impossible. There's aim acceleration for analogs regardless of whether you turn it all the way off or not and that translates to be essentially a disadvantage and nightmare for anyone trying to use a mouse on this game in it's current state.

  25. I hope they do because I will never have money for PC and Xbox one is the closest I will get so I would like it to be an alternative to a PC

  26. Not everyone can afford a $2000 dollar pc. We need mouse and keyboard support for consoles NOW

  27. People are already using key board and mouse. So I don’t get the logic that it’s somehow ok once Microsoft allows it. It’s still unfair. So I’ve brought a cronusmax to get used to mouse and key before it’s allowed, because fuck it, people are already using it in PUBG on Xbox. Me and my squad raped by a sniper while driving the other day. He had perfect aim, so fuck it, I’m joining the keyboard and mouse side.

  28. John Peiffer says:

    If you want to play m k then go play on a fuckin pc? It's pretty simple actually. I play console because I like the controller. I don't want to play on an m k. If I did, I'd buy a pc. Mk on console is cheating. Even if Microsoft supports it.

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