SEND ME YOUR BUILDER POTIONS! Fix that Engineer ep13 | Clash of Clans

Clash Of Clans

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28 Replies to “SEND ME YOUR BUILDER POTIONS! Fix that Engineer ep13 | Clash of Clans”

  1. Haven't seen that red potion with the crown on it before, is that a new one?!?!?

  2. how do you send builder potions?

  3. E T says:

    What is fix that engineer exactly, does it have something to do with him not upgrading his cannons and all of his defenses

  4. Tyler Ashley says:

    U need to upgrade your walls

  5. Corey Fowler says:

    I’m a TH9 any it’s really hard to get loot in general so any tips other than barch

  6. Queen walk with healers

  7. #klush Didn't love His Viewers…..He didn't Love Ower comment..Commenting here is Just Time wast..?

  8. I want you to do some dramatic reading with that gorgeous voice of yours!

  9. Emran Rony says:

    Bring some goblin.. what's wrong with you man?. you need loo so goblin are the best in that business ?

  10. Galaxy Wulf says:

    What are those potions in the thumbnail?

  11. SweGaming57 says:

    Like if you have been here since ep.1!!!

  12. Ethan Bonham says:

    Hey klaus check my base out #LPUPY0V9

  13. xHyDraYZ says:

    I started play coc again after 3 years and I forgot I was rushed but I’m working on it

  14. Use miners or mass pekka and wizards

  15. i have watched all 13 episodes in one day and i can not wait until the next one

  16. BossShifts says:

    I have a rushed account, was my brother is now myn I am trying to work on the base but if you want to make a video you can off of the base

  17. A journey is what you call it

  18. UndeadShorst says:

    Anyone have a good Town hall 9+ in clash of clans that they could hand down if you don't play that much

  19. Ethan Bowman says:

    Who else got the Mr beast tik tok ad ???

  20. I still don’t know how to send builder potions

  21. Egor Baldin says:

    Am I the only one who checked clash of clans for the new potions once I saw this?

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