SILENT KILLER MARKSMAN! Battlefield 4 CS5 Sniper Rifle Marksman! Aggressive Recon

Battlefield 4

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► Silent Killer! The CS5 Marksman Sniper!

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27 Replies to “SILENT KILLER MARKSMAN! Battlefield 4 CS5 Sniper Rifle Marksman! Aggressive Recon”

  1. I have been using the CS5 as an aggressive sniper.  I have the HOLO sights, flashhider, and straight-pull attached.  I normally play Hardcore.  Even without the surpressor,  this rifle is a little harder to locate than other sniper rifles.  It doesn't make that loud "boom" then remaining echo.

  2. MrSNABIS says:

    Had a blast with it in Metro

  3. .close quater map (and playing)
    338 sniper, holo sight, supressor and either laser/light combo or tactical light.
    p226 with long barrel, ghost ring and laser
    sensor balls and beacon
    incendiary grenade

  4. Shaun Kilby says:

    L96 with the green lazer sight,strait pullbolt 8xscope flash hider and motion balls ….my fave load out. I called it the ADFS Australian,Defence,Forse,Sniper load out xP

  5. Void Hakari says:

    Great video. I agree, I am not an aggressive sniper either. 😀
    You have very awesome skills! Keep up the awesome work! 😀 

  6. Kevin Bailie says:

    Hey man. Love the vids. Whats the red text on screen?

  7. Broncos says:

    Nic vid 🙂 subbed (y)

  8. Predigo Pete here is my sniper close range – long range build (Snake Charmer)

    Primary: M98B with range finder, flash suppressor, Straight pull, and in the long range scope category: CL6X (6x)scope

    Secondary: Compact 45 suppressed with Delta (RDS) and laser sight 

    Equipment: Motion Sensor, and M18 Claymore

    Perk System: Spec Ops

  9. LordDoorknob says:

    You are awesome Pete, loving the videos.

  10. Amazing skills. Loved the video.

  11. Great Video Pete!!!! Here is my loadout. If you did not know on console the scope sensitivity is very high on 6-8x scope because of auto aim and wanted to know if this one may work for you on the PC.
    6x Scope
    Flash Hider
    14x zoom
    Straight Pull

    Heavy Barrel
    3x scope
    Laser Sight

    C4 and MAV as your gadgets

    By the way is the new into music going to be the same in upcoming videos?

  12. sherath1234 says:

    Any tips with unlocking the gold magnum?

  13. Raider 42452 says:

    thank you for the continued great videos I'm surprised that your channel hasn't blown up more. It's nice to see the you tubers that do more than complain about the game. I'll admit this game has flaws but I am still quite happy with my investment and anyone that spent 120 on premium should still be happy. Way I see it is by the time I'm done I'll probably have spent 30 cents per hour of entertainment can't go wrong. Keep it up.

  14. efjotgaming says:

    universal (for me) sniper loadout
    Gol Magnum (it's amazing, it has 60 RPM ROF and 580 m/s bullet velocoty, one of the highestes in its class) with 8x scope, canted iron sights, muzzle break and straight bull pup or whatever it's called
    Deagle 44 with only ghost ring, MINI or Delta RDS
    defense field upgrade
    and sorry for my english, I come from country, in which official language is far more different than english

  15. whogg0521 says:

    Nice intro beat, amigo!

  16. the chinese ninja.
    fy-js with flir scope, bipod, range finder or variable zoom if you can work the glitch and suppressor
    qsz-92 with suppressor
    suav or gaymore claymore
    radio beacon
    sniper field upgrade
    smoke or flar grenades

  17. Bruno Gorga says:

    Hi Pete
    I was wondering if the new weapon balancing changes actually changed your mind about any of the wepoans that got buffs
    Like the a94 or the ar160 or any of them?
    I have a ps4 and can't try the cte
    As I don't have a pc that coil handle it
    Also are u going to make a video with the new stats of the weapons and ur opinion on them
    Thx for the replies
    Have a good one

  18. August says:

    Great video Pete!

  19. Ruben says:

    Heu awesome vid!
    Btw my birthday is today (22th)

  20. here's one for you:
    support class
    ace 53 sv:
    -JGM 4 optic
    -angled grip
    -canted irons
    -heavy barrel
    shorty 12g:
    -modified choke
    -ghost ring
    -tac light
    ammo bag
    c4 (infinite with the ammo bag, dont hold back)
    impact grenades
    defensive field upgrade
    try to stay at range from your targets, and if someone rushes you or you have to move into cqb use your shorty. I'd love to see you review this loadout

  21. Adios amigos?
    Do you study spanish?
    It was funny to hear that from you pete.

  22. Always enjoy your videos! Keep up the good work!

  23. CuriousFear says:

    I was always wondering. Why do you always say amigo instead of buddy or mate?

  24. Scorpius says:

    CS5 is amazing weapon for Rush or cqc in general. Smaller maps, Pearl Market, Locker etc are perfect. I hate silencer, muzzle velocity is so low that you are limited to stationary targets only.
    My loadout
    M40A5, 6X scope, motion sensor (balls), c4, Shorty G12.
    Try rush on any small map and try  be really aggressive. Good luck.

  25. Let's try this:
    MK11 Mod 0
    Acog 4x
    Angled grip
    Laser sight

    Laser sight

    Spawn beacon

    I really like suppressed dmr:s. You don't have to hit the head and you can miss a couple of shots. The mav is good for looking around you just like you did in the video. This loadout is more focused on taking out infantry than vehicles. Have fun

  26. Bruno Gorga says:

    Hello Pete
    I had an idea about the customization and speed of te soldiers
    Let me know what u think
    So here it is
    It would be cool if the speed of ur soldier would be related with the weight of ur soldier
    So if u had all gadgets ur soldier would move slower than if u had less
    As well if u soldier had all attachments in the weapon ur weapon would be havier
    If you had less ur aim speed to ads would quicker and as well side step while aiming would quicker
    That way weapons with a good iron Sight would relevant
    Keep up the great work as always

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