Some Good Old Battlefield 4 Sniping

Battlefield 4

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CoD and Battlefield thats about it. Going to school for finance at Cornell.

Other than Gaming I also like Baseball, Football and History come chat in my streams and comment section!

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3 Replies to “Some Good Old Battlefield 4 Sniping”

  1. 7 of the most beautiful bf4 maps in my opinion :
    1 Hainan resort
    2 siege of Shanghai
    3 paracel storm
    4 gulf of Oman
    5 nansha strike
    6 Caspian border
    7 rogue transmission

  2. Kiloom Bana says:

    Hey Lazer, sorry couldn't make it to the stream, hope you remember me. I am pursuing my dreams at becomin a pilot rn so a lot of my time is deficated to studying but am managing to squeeze some time in. Hope your channel grows like it has been, wish me luck and I am makin a book on ww1 aerial dogfighting. Cheers to time and hopes to the future il be on watch!

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