Star Wars Battlefront is Just Another Battlefield? – Sunday Mailbox – Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4

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Today’s mailbox I discuss concerns that Star Wars Battlefront will simply be a reskin of Battlefield, the new CoD Black Ops 3 reveal and more! Have a question? Let me know below. Enjoy.


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34 Replies to “Star Wars Battlefront is Just Another Battlefield? – Sunday Mailbox – Battlefield 4”

  1. h y says:

    how dare you speak of cod

  2. Matimio! Have you play Battlefront 2? 3rd person was the only way people played it because it was amazing!

  3. Mr. Corki says:

    The game is a simple reskin

  4. Why do you sound like a teenage girl?

  5. Steen Steen says:

    Dice? More like ea games. They purchased dice

  6. Sly Fuchs says:

    Actually Matimi0, they're basing Battlefront 3 off of the movies, and if you watch the movies again sure, there were plenty of explosions, but next to no buildings were destroyed. They're trying to make Battlefront more like the movies than any of the Battlefield games which is why they aren't adding ADS.

  7. FastIndy says:

    Man…I miss the G3A3.

  8. mgcarrigan says:

    Hey Matimo, are they planning on the DLC for Hardline being a crime/movie theme. We see Heat and to a degree Miami Vice have had some influence in the map creation but what about a Boston type DLC based off of the Departed and The Town?

  9. ben Benny says:

    Honestly If only one you could only play one battlefield what would it be Hardline or Bf4?

  10. Digger 55 says:

    I heard that there is only 2 players per squad ….thats done it for me

  11. SuperKasperl says:

    Do a vid on Venice Unleashed!

  12. Ahmad Salom says:

    Matiomi what would you think should be done to make the jungle map even better since we got the water temple

  13. What is your opinion on battlefield 4 on last gen conslones? I think that DICE should give the 5 dlc for free on last gen consoles as noone plays on the dlc maps anymore coz of the low player count, while if they give them for free and add them as maps that rotate in core-game lobbies that would make the game much more enjoyable. What do you think?

  14. Hi mat. Would it be nice IF dice would add soldier suit customation with abilityes. Like chillie suit can hide in Bush and wont get spotted or Juggernaut would take more at front of suit and else. What is your toughts

  15. vEngage says:

    Hey Mat,
    what do you think of having different sounding footsteps for each team in battlefield?
    It would give you the chance to listen to the enemy footsteps much better and also a new technic in the professional and competitive scene. – Young Gauge ll

  16. When do you think the CTE servers will be put into next-gen consoles?

  17. Ryan Machado says:

    Hey matimio would you want under barrel shotguns added to battlefield weapons? I know there's under barrel grenade launchers but cod had that and under barrel shotguns.

  18. What do you think of adding a theater mode to bf4/hardline like the one in cod and gta 5.

  19. Actual says:

    for sunday mailbox
    what would you think about a wild-west battlefield with revolvers, leagver action firearms and so on. you could have horse wagons with gatling guns instead of heavy vehicles and horses instead of light vehicles. i'd love to run around with my six shooter, gun down some bandits/natives/marshals and destroy towns with dynamite.

  20. Julian Ayala says:

    wtf happened to bf3 maps in bf4

  21. +Matimi0  What do you think for a different game mode combining conquest and rush? both teams have sets of mcoms to destroy. It could created a more front lines type of battle with a tug of war with surges of heavy firefights with charges from both sides. instead of one team camping on Defense and the attackers just rushing in?

  22. I never play games that take place in the future.. I hate them

  23. Da_xavier says:

    Third person was the staple battflefront was built oj to have it be none viable would ruin the game.

  24. Evert-Jan W. says:

    Matt what do you think of lock-on arrows for the phantom? hahaha im joking

  25. nmssis says:

    if there is shooting involved, is that so bad?

  26. Will there be more DLCs in BF4?

  27. PHATERTL says:

    I'd play any Battlefield game that brought back Nosehair canals 😀

  28. Kyle Oyague says:

    I wish Dice would release bf3 on Xbox one and ps4

  29. Hey matimio do you think battlefield should to interactive features that can change a map and how it plays and do it repeatedly: for example let's say a map has a dam and the dam can be opened cutting off like part of the mop and an objective moving it somewhere else. But like every 5 minutes the dam can be closed causing the draining of the water making the map play like usual.

  30. Phoenix_NH says:

    Hey Matimi0, Since the new BF4 Community map is based off a jungle/forest, what would be your opinion of basing it in the Amazon Rainforest? I think it could be interesting and make the map more infantry-based if they add a quick sudden downpour going on and off. What are your thoughts?

  31. What would you think if DICE made it so lock-on rocket launchers like the stinger, javelin, and SRAW could lock on to hand flares? I think that it would add a cool new dynamic into the game.

  32. Walv!s says:

    hey matimi0

    I have bin thinking about the BF4's spring patch, especially the weapon chances. Me being a console player is really concerned about the recoil add's that most guns will get.  i think most guns are goin to be unable to control and make it less fun.
    What do you think?

  33. Sean McCann says:

    Hey matimio what do you think about a heroes only game mode in the upcoming battlefront game

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