STEALTH MODE – A VSS Only Adventure (Crazy stunts included) -PUBG


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How does a VSS only game combined with countless bike flips look like?
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Immortal Beats – Oh Wee

Extreme Energy by MusicToday80:
Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0)

Outtro music: MK2 – Destructoid

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39 Replies to “STEALTH MODE – A VSS Only Adventure (Crazy stunts included) -PUBG”

  1. Jimmy Gaydos says:

    Hey WackyJacky, any plans on releasing merch to the public?

  2. Dauz Gaming says:

    I get chicken dinner using VSS after I watching your VSS gameplay

  3. Arvin Roca says:

    why do people like you are not popular like shroud? why?~

  4. Dude is sick on that bike bravo playa

  5. Dhiraj Kumar says:

    11:34 who spotted the second guy.

  6. Jithun Eagle says:

    If he plying like this..he can win all every match

  7. Jithun Eagle says:

    How he's specting everything?

  8. Leo Lu says:

    Do a crossbow only one plzzz

  9. Axem says:

    The new subscriber sound effect Is from Batman Arkham Asylum?

  10. Jonas Bauch says:

    A Like for Mike the Bike ?

  11. Woodman TV says:

    I love the tricks on the bike

  12. How are you able to get the different camera angles??

  13. These are really good videos but I have a question to ask. How do you change the camera perspectives like that?

  14. Wacky,been looking for that bike stunt you did on Miramar Map to get the airdrop. It was so cool. I want it show it to others to show them how cool you are T^T cannot find the video though. If anyone can help me,that would be cool

  15. Are you kinda of cheating cause you can see where the player is because of that angle shot key your using? BTW do like your videos .?

  16. Enough with the mike the bike.

  17. Love PUBG's logic:
    A car hits you at 1 km/h? Insta dead.
    You git your head while performing a bnackflip? You're good to go, no big deal

  18. Players Unknown Playground ?

  19. Love immortal beats! Great to see him getting some recognition from my fav PUBG player

  20. Justin Bell says:

    Your video editing always amazes me man

  21. @4:52 “if you wanna see tricks on a bike, you come to this channel”

    Me: subscribed

  22. AkashAashu says:

    Can anyone please tell how he got the footage from like of games … Like not him playing but well you get it right xDD basically his showing of a far away car approaching scenes like at 6:25 timing.. how did he get those scenes?

  23. Clement Noya says:

    You are the king of VSS no doubt!

  24. I think i cant do that roof landing in the mobile version

  25. David Somers says:

    The editing skills on Jacky vids make them so pleasing even when nothing impressive is going on. The extra cam angles from the match recovery is brilliant at getting more engaging shots.

  26. Can we get more Mike the Bike videos?

  27. Nomekop 777 says:

    Why do people lose pubg lol just click on their heads

  28. Nizar Khalid says:

    I swear the video was without your face cam and when i replay'ed the vid you appeared in wtf !

  29. Vinz Vega says:

    Title is stealth mode and youre going Military.. oke^^

  30. The last guy was hilarious!! Every shot … First aid kit!! ??

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