TAKING ON the DRAGON’S LAIR! New Goblin Maps #21-25 | Clash of Clans

Clash Of Clans

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48 Replies to “TAKING ON the DRAGON’S LAIR! New Goblin Maps #21-25 | Clash of Clans”

  1. just shut up lol, what a big mouth

  2. SandyB433 says:

    Just watch some Jaso videos Lmao

  3. George Lopez says:

    He sounds like cizzorz so much

  4. my name is clash is trollANDSHRILL


  6. MEL says:

    Thisngame are dead

  7. If u play this until now uneed a doctor

  8. Tech Halt says:

    Is it still a thing?

  9. Andrew Abdel says:

    honestly surprised this vid got 1+ million views, thought clash was dead lol

  10. Dialgacraft says:

    Anyone else notice his voice doesn't match the video slightly

  11. I thought this was clickbait,great vid

  12. Matta says:

    Wow. This is the first time I’ve seen the electric dragons, the seige machines, and that golden dragon… this is really cool.

  13. when he said he is a max th12 but he still has tons of lvl 12 walls instead of lvl 13 walls?

  14. Khalifa Omar says:

    Notice how he is playing this game, it's dead dummy

  15. PUBG NEPAL says:

    hahaha ..people are still idiots
    they still play clash of clans..

  16. Pupe says:

    12 million do you math bro

  17. Ayush Gupta says:

    That was funny 😂😂😂

  18. Ian Webster says:

    happy to see someone who plays this game still

  19. Dark Savages says:

    This is dumb😂 why tf would anyone watch this dumb shit

  20. The Guy says:

    Good thing I’ll never be able to attack these because I don’t have thousands of dollars to waste on gemming my stuff

  21. Alyaa Ferry says:

    just attack from the ground dammit

  22. Wew Gaming says:

    This started when the goblins destroyed the clancastle…

  23. Can u join my clan called REEEE

  24. You are a pretty horrible attacker, judging from 2nd attack

  25. 1:10 that is 4. 26+4 = 30. 30-4 = 26

  26. Ab gamer says:

    Send me your free fire id in my channel

  27. lol so many haters.
    wonder why…

  28. zach 2008 says:

    who still plays this

  29. Caden Graves says:

    Your a Mormon. He’s a Mormonz

  30. snww says:

    Wer ist von Papaplatte hier?

  31. Gaming Fl says:

    Dang i miss that game

  32. gem ablan says:

    Why dose t he use valkyrie

  33. RGX Gamer says:

    How do you record on your phone

  34. Klaus why did you click bait us with the cover 12 million arrow pointing at dragon:(

  35. Jimmy A says:

    ye guys still playin this? smh

  36. Load Bacon says:

    This guy looks like matpat + pewdiepie and talks like markiplier

  37. Max Ford says:

    This is still a thing I thought it was 2018 not 2015 lol

  38. THE LOG says:

    First time watching, enjoying the content

  39. Vipul K says:

    Pubg would be trending but the king is always coc

  40. I never saw anyone go agents the dragons layer so this is suprisizing!

  41. kyle flame says:

    He seems genuinely mad that he lost the raids that he just paid for elixir to do

  42. Who still plays clash of clans

  43. kyle flame says:

    1 million views and 650 comments ???

  44. Isabel Brown says:

    Only nerds play this game it is so dead honestly you should gameplay fortnite

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