The Bat Spell is DEAD… or IS it? | Clash of Clans

Clash Of Clans

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The Bat Spell is DEAD… or IS it? | Clash of Clans
DragBat Attack:

Today in Clash of Clans we are seeing if the bat nerf actually killed the DragBat attack.

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41 Replies to “The Bat Spell is DEAD… or IS it? | Clash of Clans”

  1. ECHO Gaming says:

    I was so happy to see the Bat spell wasn't nerfed to useless. How do you feel about the changes?

  2. Jay Suleman says:

    Hey, great video. Bats are still great, but attacking high TH12 with 3 infernos and other defences is no longer as easy before nerf. Will be good to see other people using bats at TH12.

  3. How can you dislike this video! Salty people!

  4. THANOS says:

    echo huge fan bud you help me improve my cwl attacks as th11

  5. Like you're shirt 👍

  6. prefer both of it slowed down for the audio and more commentating
    Keep it up the bat is slowly dominating but need to tweak it a lil

  7. bala8oo says:

    Useless unless you have max, seems Supercell once again keeps the top players sweet by nerfing it less than all other levels.

  8. Amrik Singh says:

    Bat spell is dead in first 3 levels . but it seems like people have found a way to make it dangerous.

  9. Mukesh pal says:

    App hindi me video karo

  10. Gohan Son says:

    I think it is no use it is nerfed a bit too much

  11. why i fail to use drag bat. it is suppose to be a max bat spell?

  12. Saker Batikh says:

    Is all about the player is not strong like before I think now is batter

  13. Ben Guy says:

    Low volume game sounds is 👌🏻

  14. Music is okay but I like sound of those troops

  15. Is DragBat still good at th10?

  16. Adrian L says:

    I LOVE the In-Game background sound👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  17. Jacx says:

    It’s dead…it seems like every YouTube channel pushed for this

  18. Adrian L says:

    I have some other coc youtubers i watch and before the nerf they easy 3 stared coc members and after the nerf he barely got a 3star against a clanmember.. Only at max levels they whould be really worth it

  19. Try low games sounds!!

  20. Josh Peters says:

    I'm glad they didn't nerf it into the ground. I've been using it in FCs and it just takes some planning and tweaking, which is how it should be. If you can just cook up a one size fits all army and completely dominate a base without giving it a second thought then the meta is broken. A needed balance but glad to see its still viable – JP

  21. I love how u post so many videos great video👍👍

  22. Great content Echo! Like the low level game sounds better than music.

  23. I dont think the balance did matter to the bats the can only fail if the attackers execute in wrong way its really very dagerous

  24. Nice vid man….thank you so much….

  25. nice video @ECHO,,i love your content.

  26. I love the vid. But not happy with the nerf what so ever. Seems they took it to the extreme on the new balance change. The lower lvls of this spell were hit harder then the th12 lvl. Plus not sure why they delayed it more timing was fine.

  27. no big changes to how I was doing the attacks before then. I already liked to attack this way to make sure I didn't run out of time and have the bats help on the cleanup.
    good to see it's still viable, even though the new lvl 3 bat spell only has 1 bat spawn more than the old lvl 1 bat spell.

    I'm actually not sure if the 0.5 added seconds until the first attack happens is a bad thing. The thing is that more bats get to group up before taking down the first defense now, so they'll move around more like a pack, which is when they're at their strongest.

  28. I just got bat spells!

  29. David Garcia says:

    Thx for killing the bat spell at TH10…….we get 11 bats at level 3 (that is basically a level one bat spell before the nerf…..)

  30. I prefer music in the background:)

  31. Echo is the man!!  Ecjo has inspired me to creat my own youtube channel JUST THANKS echo i dropped a video im glad if i get some support

  32. Omg will you please stop calling it OP…. because of you guys Supercell just nerf bat spell stop calling it OP every single time…..!!

  33. Warrior Tyde says:

    Great vid Echo, love the bat spell content even after the nerf

  34. Not longtime I was maxed bat spell… to surprise that is nerfed
    I dont know what super cell is doing ?

  35. Glad I found a YouTuber that creates modern content for CoC. I recently rebooted the game after taking a long break from it and this channel is my new go-to for advice! Great vid ECHO, keep it up man 🍻

  36. Tony Jackson says:

    Great video Echo. You and Judo are the main guys on here…👍👍

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