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Battlefield 4

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Another fun viewer submitted class to try! Loved me some Metal Gear Solid…



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23 Replies to “The Metal Gear Solid Class | Battlefield 4”

  1. Tom Fraser says:

    How did u get o. The roof in tdm

  2. or l96a1 sights (coyot (rds) suppressor (strait bull bolt) c4&pld

  3. jng-90 acb90 and mugnum

  4. Played ever MGS on PS 😀 LOVE IT !

  5. when is this season of the cup going to start ?

  6. lswf333 says:

    Maybe you don't like the weapon because you're playing on console, but trust me, on PC this gun is awesome! Great video as always;)

  7. Ok Dude let's try the Robin Hood class Phantom Bow sidearm of your choice flash bang or smoke grenades recommended class is support but run as you plz. Hardcore TDM game mode also recommended. Let me know what you think.

  8. A300 says:

    wild west loadout:
    magnum.44 only 

  9. Brant Padak says:

    Beretta Class: Assault Class
    AR160 any attachments
    M9 no attachments
    Boot knife (just 'cause)
    Your choice for everything else

  10. i played on ps2, awesome game

  11. Cap Dunn says:

    Do the Terrorist Loadout the support
    Primary:RPK-74M (Iron sight,Tactical light,Heavy Barrel,and Vertical/Ergo grip) Camo: Default
    Secondary: Mp443,P226,or G18, with you chose of attachments Camo: Defalut
    Gadgets:C4 and ammo box
    Grenade:M34 INCENDIARY,
    Battlepack: Offensive
    Knife: Boot or Bayonet
    C4 so you can do the Jihadi tactics 

  12. That wall knife though! Good work man

  13. Parcer4401 says:

    Wait, is that the "War Tapes" sound you're using? Can't decide between default or War Tapes :p

  14. kilerdude56 says:

    Hey Robert, I was wondering if you could give my favorite horrible load out a try 😀
    Not sure if you do horrible load outs, but if ya do, here's on for ya 😀

    Famas with canted ironsights
    Anything you want after that. anything at all.

    Only rule is that you can't switch to the canted iron sights at all. If you try it in-game, you'll see why 😀

    Love your channel, by the way. Especially the video about "Sniper Confidence." Really helped me out.

  15. KingJbus says:

    Love the famas hate the iron sights plus C4 noobs are the worst I share your pain RTB haha

  16. C Donner says:

    I think its nice to know that even in a random video I watch, BF4 is still EA's ugly little baby.

  17. You have like no kills with that gun Robert! It is fenomenal

  18. Simo Häyhä ( a finnish sniper who got over 500 confirmed sniper kills, ranking him at 1st in the world.)
    Use the sv-98, iron sights, straightpull, flash hider and no laser.
    M1911 naked.
    Motion balls
    Sniper squad perk
    Seal knife.
    He used the iron sights so that he wouldn't have to raise his head as much. The attachments I chose for the sv-98 are more for being stealthy and un-noticed. No scope glint, no flash, no laser sight.
    You might want to read about him in wikipedia to get a full understanding of what he did 🙂

  19. Steve Hansen says:

    I personally like the Famas. It's much better with an optic.

  20. shaun smit says:

    I never even knew that ladder was there to get on the roof! Good tips video lol

  21. just letting everyone know that all details on Hardline maps and modes is out!

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