The True Power Of Installing PUBG On An External SSD (Xbox One X and S Comparisons)


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After saying for a while that I’d never buy an external SSD, just to get PUBG to run the way it should, my friend actually gave me one that he no longer had use for. With it, I was able to make some comparisons, and talk about my experiences.

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31 Replies to “The True Power Of Installing PUBG On An External SSD (Xbox One X and S Comparisons)”

  1. Tyler Lucas says:

    I got my set up for 40 bucks. Only way to reliably play.

  2. your mom says:

    Can anyone confirm

  3. This also happens on any PC if you have low RAM and HDD. Upgrading to SSD fixes the problem. It has to do with the in-game textures not making it on RAM in time. Sometimes if you have sufficient RAM, it gets a big buffer even with slow transfer speeds.

  4. I have it on my Xbox one x internal and it runs fine for me most stuff loads before I land so I'm chillin

  5. GO_Cards77 says:

    Maybe you should switch to PS4, don't have those issues, even on an OG base PS4. Cue all the shit talking Xbox fanboys

  6. WaveOne11 says:

    True power of unleveling the playing field. Good luck getting some honor from that..

  7. Sad thing is ps4 doesnt have these issues :/ i hate playing pubg on my xbox after playing it on a ps4

  8. Do you think it works well with samsung evo 860 250GB ?

  9. Do you think it works well with samsung evo 860 250GB ?

  10. typical Console players.

  11. I have mine on an external. Still the same issues

  12. Stopped playing 3 Months ago! Looks like I’m not missing much. Still bullshit rendering, 30fps. Black out literally destroyed this game

  13. Crystal Rich says:

    I'm playing on a xbox one. Getting 6 kills. Imagine if I had a X and an the SSD! Lol

  14. Ryuk551 says:

    The fact that the developers can even fix this without us having to find our own ways. Do they even talk about fixing that issue? I love PUBG and it’s the main reason I bought an Xbox but I have not played it in so long because of that problem.

  15. Buke Ahn says:

    I think it's definitely worth noting that people that don't have their buildings rendered in can not only see guns through walls and jump through the walls and pick said guns up, but they can also shoot through the buildings that have not rendered and kill other players who, on their own screens, are safely inside buildings.
    I've been killed by pistols from the other side of Podvosto by players shooting through multiple invisible buildings that haven't rendered on their consoles many times. I think you could argue that it can be just as much of an advantage as it is a disadvantage to not have your buildings rendered in.

  16. A cheaper alternative is to buy a $30 240Gb SSD and a $10 SATA to USB enclosure for it: Significantly cheaper than a normal external USB SSD/HDD. PUBG is only around 50Gb so you will still have much more space for other games.

  17. COB The GOAT says:

    How does this even work and is this possible on ps4

  18. This video is irrelevant after the new update though. It loads fine.

  19. Plx blame M$ for crappy hardware, not the devs. Same problems on PC, when saving the game on FloppyDisks 🤯

  20. Also I stopped console and play on mobile.

  21. So I should get a free ssd as compensation for buying this piece of shit and then it going free

  22. Dr.Nippal says:

    Understand your story? I think you just don't know how computers work.

  23. Mitch Dohman says:

    people looting and being able to shoot us with ssd's through walls isn't always an advantage for those of us with SSD.

  24. spllinix says:

    I bought an SSD for my PS4 as well, and I noticed a drastic improvement the second my console powered on. However, I replaced the 500GB internal HDD with a 1TB SanDisk Ultra II 3D SSD. The console itself boots up and shuts down slightly faster, browsing through different menus and opening different tabs loads slightly faster, downloading and loading games are slightly faster as well.

    That said, the only thing that sucks about using an SSD with game consoles is "Autosaves" that can't be disabled. And to make a long story short, SSDs only have a limited number of writes before they no longer work anymore. Although, SSDs have gotten a lot better over the last few years due to new technology and techniques to help improve an SSDs lifespan.

  25. NASER KK says:

    Pubg on Xbox is potato but we still play it

  26. How does the ssd work withe lag on 10 man squad matches ?

  27. Ninja Huh!? says:

    P4 guy here to say I’m sorry Xbox guys . The 4 has its problems but not like this Wow. Anyways stay in school kids & love one another not hurt each other Peace ✌️ & Love ❤️.
    PUBG 4Ever

  28. No wonder this game gets as much hate it's not a good experience at all even an old obsolete 1100t and hd 7900 would be better than that and Xbox need to start getting internal sdd support

  29. N sane says:

    kinda confused i'm pretty sure u misspelled "Uninstalling" you forgot the "Un" but its ok, its a common mistake, i myself do it all the fcking time.

  30. Gabber Pete says:

    I've experienced this first hand. When I first started playing PUBG when it released on XB1 it was TORTURE and bordered on being unplayable on a standard XB1. When I upgraded to an XB1X (with my entire state tax refund check) with an external SSD it was a night and day difference. A Razer Tournament Edition wired controller with four extra buttons also helps so I never take my fingers off the sticks. They need to add a graphics setting option where a player is either playing the game from a SSD or internal. A low and high graphic setting

  31. Nash Gross says:

    Can anyone link me to an affordable ssd? Thanks in advance

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