The Ultimate Sniping Guide! | Become a Pro With These Tips & Tricks! | Fortnite Battle Royale


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We will be talking about the sniping guide to improve your aim and come a pro so you can win more games! This will help you guys win more fights with these techniques / methods. These are methods, tactics & Tips & Tricks that can help you win more!

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36 Replies to “The Ultimate Sniping Guide! | Become a Pro With These Tips & Tricks! | Fortnite Battle Royale”

  1. Blink says:

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  2. How do you know what meters they are at????

  3. Death Wing says:

    I can snipe any distance and I can snipe really well I just struggle with snipping at moving targets at more that 225 meters

  4. You have same keybinds as me except the fact that you use e for stairs and I assume f for interact where as mine is the other way around.

  5. not trying to hate but your voice reminds me of someone from dragon ball abridged

  6. Top Kickerz says:

    Dang man thanks for the tutorial this helped me so much!

  7. Best fucking tutorial ever!! U deserve a 15M subs!! Sorry for my f word btw

  8. Paperbag says:

    I watched this video and 1v1ed my friend in a sniper battle, I killed him so many times (He killed me a few.). And I got some good bouncer noscopes.

  9. Tysm i used to be trash at sniping, the worst on my team. My friends would always out snipe me in 1v1s. Now I snipe them every time ez

  10. Chris Y. says:

    Great practice tip, never would have thought of that!

  11. Hi there! says:

    Why does he not have more subbers!?

  12. This and the better aim guide are so useful now that playground mode is a thing

  13. T7 Blitz says:

    Guesstimating, GUESSASS!

  14. BOTNectar says:

    you sound like you are screaming lmao

  15. I just started watching u a few days ago but I’m on vacation right now so I can’t try ur tips out yet but I will try them out when I get home. I feel like I’ll play much better. Besides that the gameplay is entertaining too

  16. PreciseYT says:

    How old are you?
    Sorry if that sounds creepy you dont need to answer i as just wondering.

  17. Joshua Kuter says:

    Very well said tutorial!! Awesome job!!thank you!!

  18. Fantastic guide video. I have yet to find more than a handful of Fortnite guide videos that go into this level of detail and can still convey the information this well. But I must confess that the speed at which those word were coming out was crazy. I had to check to see if I had accidentally sped up the video more than once lol. Cocaine can be great, but let yourself come down a bit before jumping into a guide video.

  19. Kim Perkins says:

    You are my favorite youtuber

  20. Played my first game today, Solid Gold Solo.
    Sniper didn't serve me that well, but my 11th and game-winning kill was a 140m snipe from a mountain on a guy running over the 3rd place's corpse.
    Huge prediction. #FeelsGoodMan

  21. Evan Teboul says:

    ur voice is so captivating

  22. Owen Smith says:

    Wait peak then standup and take cover or stand up take a shot then crouch and take cover?

  23. Salad Melon says:

    I wanted a PS4 gift card??

  24. Sreyas says:

    At exactly 8:35 the default skins hairstyle changes.

  25. i can never get the lead right! hopefully flicking helps

  26. Blink Fan says:

    Who won the giveaway, I do not have Twitter so I cannot check

  27. You have the best channel for guides! You're sooo underrated!

  28. I subbed and liked keep it up blink

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