THE WAIT IS OVER! TH10 Let’s Play ep30 | Clash of Clans

Clash Of Clans

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28 Replies to “THE WAIT IS OVER! TH10 Let’s Play ep30 | Clash of Clans”

  1. MagicMarlin says:

    How he have the wall wrecker if he only th10

  2. J J says:

    Goblin map for sure

  3. John Popejoy says:

    yes want to see the new goblin maps

  4. Alex Castro says:

    I used 29 balloons in 13 wizards they're pretty good for me but for you to try it out please

  5. Let's see the new goblin bases

  6. Do the goblin map please

  7. Now that your done with collectors can you plz upload more often?

  8. amin sadeghi says:

    klaus thats persian says enjoy your loot : نوش جون

  9. Sicknx Live says:

    Im th10 right now would love to see how you get all the goblins 😀

  10. Goblin raids yessss please

  11. yolo 9t says:

    It's a dead game u r playing

  12. DuDe ! Im Level 122 snd nit even th9 maxed !! dafuck

  13. Balloons should get nerfed. Even in th 7 they are really good

  14. The Base means: Klaus Please take My Loot,and dont forget smth ? Love Ur Vids BTW. #sub #like

  15. You should make a clan for lower ths like 3-9

  16. Hlo bro I left this game year ago.because super don't give a damned to Indian player so I hate this game.

  17. BL4NK says:

    Actually that is not Arabic I just translated it on google and it means:

    Peace be upon you
    in Persian

  18. Bimla Devi says:

    helpline please come YQC2C2PVL bro don't broken my trust

  19. At 9:02 you called it a dead base although if you look at the top right-ish side of the base there it a upgrade going on. Please read

  20. Bablu Roy says:

    Hey the siege machine is available in the 12 how did you take it in th10

  21. Bimla Devi says:

    bro please help me join YQC2C2PVL

  22. M1CK3YL33 says:

    Klaus can you show at least one or two defence attacks on your bases please?

  23. I tried to skip the base☠

  24. Sparkus says:

    It says titan in abraic

  25. Jm Canlas says:

    Please let me join knights of zion my name is destroyer

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