Top 5 Clash of Clans Easter Eggs ● Santa’s Strike Surprise – Skeleton Ambush (Android Gameplay)

Clash Of Clans

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32 Replies to “Top 5 Clash of Clans Easter Eggs ● Santa’s Strike Surprise – Skeleton Ambush (Android Gameplay)”

  1. Aris Yuboc says:

    What is in the 2012 Christmass Tree?

  2. Just a few minutes ago (before watching the vid) I sent an army of 100 Wallbreakers to take out the lvl10 walls surrounding the Statue of P.E.K.K.A. I was so surprised when Santa Claus came to town! xD

  3. green goblin from COC have pumpkin bomb , green goblin from Spiderman have pumpkin bomb too #EGGS

  4. Jin Kazama says:

    Will the jump spell thing work if we do it with hogs and no jump spell??

  5. im your biggest fan bro

  6. love the santa strike easter egg!

  7. Hades 95 says:

    In the gold rush level i found a statue on the left side surrounded by a couple of gold walls , is that another easter egg? Does it do anything?

  8. Greg Simpson says:

    so cool man!! how do u find this stuff lol

  9. MrBionic says:

    I never knew there was easter eggs in Clash lol

  10. EmpSwarup says:

    Damn how do you know these things? #EGGS

  11. Buddah baddy says:

    Awesome video cap! I love the what is UUUUUP! Welcome to some clash of CLAAAAANS

  12. in my opinion, don't make it too long by recaping it,overall its awesome

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