Ubuntu 15.04 VS Windows 8.1 : Counter Strike Global Offensive Benchmark with an Intel HD4600

Counter Strike

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A short video checking out the recent update to Counter Strike Global Offensive for Linux, this time pitching it on Intel graphics both natively on Ubuntu and Windows!

How does the current Intel Linux driver fare against it’s own Windows driver? Does the recent CSGO performance update in Dec help us Linux gamers here?

On Ubuntu, I am using the open source Mesa 10.5.0-devel drivers.
On Windows, I am using the Intel proprietary 15.33.30 drivers.
These were the latest drivers I could get at…

14 Replies to “Ubuntu 15.04 VS Windows 8.1 : Counter Strike Global Offensive Benchmark with an Intel HD4600”

  1. Kyle says:

    I dual boot Linux and windows this still holds TRUE today in 2017

  2. Joel Dude says:

    This is awesome but did you try compiling your Kernel? Using the latest Kernel should help a lot because that's where the Intel development is at. I compile the latest on my system and adapt it for high performance. That makes all the difference.

  3. J fin says:

    I cant install steam or any apps on ubuntu 15.04 PLEASE HELP!!!!

  4. Comon guys we all know that this is all cause because of the wrapper  opengl made by valve ,  in Source 2 this no happens anymore.

  5. doggybag71 says:

    I play CSGO on Ubuntu 14.04 lts and HD4600. All settings are low and I run on low resolution, still wide screen though. The fps ranges from 15-80, it's so annoying in match making. I never play cobblestone and train 'cause the fps on these maps are just too low. I think it really stutters with some lighting effects. In the weapon training course included in CSGO, at the first "shooting range" i have decent fps, UNTIL they turn on a lamp with some fuzzy light beam effect and boom I get 10-20 fps, wtf.

  6. Timothy Reth says:

    Idk I had an increase in performance on my old laptop. And it froze my computer less.

  7. I had regular problems with CSGO stuttering in Windows as well, multiple Source-engine games did this. The game runs on high settings at 250+ fps most of the time, then suddenly freezes, just like your issue. I managed to solve it completely by installing it to my boot-drive (the one Steam is installed on, an SSD by the way) instead of my secondary drive (a mechanical drive, where my Steam library is). It is not only due to the SSD being faster, as far as I can see, as it runs on systems with HDD's as boot-drives without any stutter. So yeah, maybe that solves the Windows stutter-issue

  8. what ppa are you using ?

  9. John Yang says:

    Oh nearly fogot, you could use manjaro, arch, fedora in the comparison. That will be extremely useful too. Thanks.

  10. John Yang says:

    Man, I'll appreciate it if you push both side to the limit. Like use the fastest drivers not the stock ones. Use latest kernel etc. Turn off windows defender or something on the windows side. Those really affect the performance. Just tweak for best performance of each side. Thanks. And that will be really useful.

  11. Couldn't you just manually install the latest kernel?  I usually get them from linuxg.net.  The 3.19 kernel was just released. 

  12. Onto the next CS GO benchmark, we now take a look at the Intel Graphics side of things. After a year of not testing Intel hardware, how does the Intel HD4600 iGPU now handle CSGO on Ubuntu 15.04 compared to Windows 8.1? Come check out the video, but do be prepared to leave sad if you are a Linux Intel iGPU gamer. #ubuntu   #csgo   #linuxgaming  

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