Using the most STRETCHED RESOLUTION on Fortnite… *thicco mode*


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Using the most STRETCHED RESOLUTION on Fortnite… *thicco mode*

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Billy Marchiafava – Billy Marchiafava – Ligma (Prod. WorthyRem)

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27 Replies to “Using the most STRETCHED RESOLUTION on Fortnite… *thicco mode*”

  1. Use 600×4000 resolution this is very op

  2. Had to turn off the video for a minute I thought I was going to throw up?

  3. Arch says:

    Why don’t asians use stretched res ,

    Because they see it anyway

  4. Magic says:

    thicco mode or mo bamba

  5. the editing fucked me in the soul

  6. Its Swifty says:

    That skin looking mad thicc right now ???

  7. RemU says:

    It's like watching a TV that's facing the ceiling and you're looking across the screen surface

  8. Nova says:

    u must be a big fan of ceeday?

  9. JLugz says:

    Is it weird that I got used to it very fast Andi don't even play stretched

  10. Flamingo at 3:11 good YouTuber flamingo

  11. Lil Supreme says:

    Liquad chap goin crazy rn

  12. Reap Hers says:

    Samsung 3 on fortnite be like

  13. Maxi Moota says:

    Fortnite ps1 edition

  14. yo lul i play on this res

  15. try watching with stretch LOL

  16. TokoYamiST says:

    Play whit like 3200×200 Xd

  17. Is this Fortnite play station 1

  18. O3-Mattz -O3 says:

    The character looks
    like a dwarf I’m dead?

  19. Little Puggy says:

    look how little that wall is

  20. "where the f**k is lazy links" i cri evrytim

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