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What’s going on Clash Bashers?! We are back on the Fix That rush account looking for some quick easy Goblin Loot! We are going to use Mass Goblins to help upgrade our army camps and Town Hall!

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37 Replies to “WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THIS SOONER?! – Clash of Clans”

  1. Seán 97 says:

    Max WW + Max Goblins as CC + Rage = Get Goblins to the CORE!!!

  2. Joshua Chert says:

    Omg they need a freaking wall breaker king. If that doesn’t come out within a year I’m deleting the game.

  3. Noah Cove says:

    What about royal giant?

  4. lil volu says:

    #CQOTD Would you like a "kill count" for every defensive building that shows how many troops it killed

  5. Using the mega minion from CR as a basis for a minion hero would be cool because u have an air hero but also a hero who could possibly be female so u have 2 of each gender and no one could be upset x)

  6. skid lid says:

    Your goblin kings power sounds weak asf 😂😂

  7. Zach Jerde says:

    @Rocky you could’ve upgraded your TH with that hammer of building instead of that army camp

  8. i think it was GodSon who you were talking about in the morning

  9. Sreesasth NP says:

    In which device you play???

  10. When is the next th9 video?

  11. Anonymous Me says:

    You are the goblin king. Similar haircut as well 😁

  12. No offence but that hero ability idea is terrible I think a hero that’s controllable or able to tell your troops where to go is a good idea like a flag holding troop or something like that or a spell caster of some sort idk I can come up with a lot more a healer queen that doesn’t stop healing your aq or a ghost hero that can control anything it touches but with a de buff so it isn’t crazy op

  13. Wow That might Help me haha im Townhall 8 though hahah

  14. Goblin prince** not king we already have a king

  15. Love your videos bro❤️❤️❤️

  16. #CQOTD who are your top 5 clash of clans creators/players?? (or would like to combine with in a video)

  17. Bottom right corner of the screen : fix that rush!

    End of the vid : *upgrades town hall*

  18. The title should be : rocky attacking dead bases with tons of loot

    no offence

    👇like year

  20. Ethan Guzman says:

    #CQOTD do you think this is the only strategy game your gonna play?

  21. Seth Cahill says:

    I love your videos super entertaining thank you for putting a smile on my face

  22. #CQOTD Do you hear yanny or laurel

  23. #CQOTD if you could add a new defense for Town Hall 13 (if it comes out) what would it be?

  24. Mass what?? 😂😂

  25. Matt ONeil says:

    #cqotd if you were forced to remove 1 hero from the game who would it be? love your videos

  26. Juggernaut (big papa giant) 👊

  27. Them goblins look bed bugs or roaches lowkey?!?! 0:26

  28. Rustyrover 3 says:

    #cqotd if you could chose a troop from builder hall to come over to main base what would it be?

  29. ⚠️Join My Clan: TheWarLounge⚠️

  30. Blake Demand says:

    #cqotd what do your wife and kids look like?

  31. Ninja says:

    Great video! I love how u make videos f real life situations like rushed bases and how to fix em!

  32. New favorite clash YouTuber…. you’re the only dude I like watching lol

  33. X2 Moon says:

    Goblin King? Click bait? Galadon.

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