World NO.1 Best CWL War CLAN in The WORLD – Clash Of Clans – COC

Clash Of Clans

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World NO.1 Best CWL War in Hold WORLD – Clash Of Clans – COC

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This channel’s contents are mainly related to Clash of Clans Defense,Attack and War attack strategy from our very own Clan “BD Indomitable”. However, we also share new attacks from other players in order to help everyone(Only TH11 MAX BASE ATTACK).If you…

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42 Replies to “World NO.1 Best CWL War CLAN in The WORLD – Clash Of Clans – COC”

  1. Oh man, that Chinese clan 😱

  2. Robert Medez says:

    Wow..what an attack the best…

  3. Alfrend B. says:

    Well played 👍🏼

  4. i need base top 1 war leagues 😁😁 ibox photo base pls fb

    thanks 😇😇

  5. Sourav Verma says:

    You should start writing song names in video description😆😆

  6. fucking cheaters 😂😂😂 new video about cheaters soon

  7. TIK TOK-SN says:

    Good video so so Nice 🙌
    so help share video for me ok.
    Thank you 🙌

  8. 마꼬 says:

    Wow 42stars😧😧
    amazing attacks😺😺

  9. LMC Movie says:

    bhai apke thumbnails kaa fan hoo gya yaar 😍😍 kese bnate hoo 👌👌👌 plz reply♥️♥️

  10. T Klash says:

    New clash channel check me out

  11. Md Akash says:

    No 1 clan 😯😯😯😯

  12. Md Akash says:

    Eid mubarak all clasher🖤💓…nice video kamal vai💓💓🖤🖤

  13. Shuvo Empire says:

    Good attack strategy

  14. Habib Ali says:

    ami tomar clan a astya chi

  15. so so nice attacks you are the best (this clan will be number 1)

  16. Nice attacks can i get the 🎶 please..

  17. Ömer Karasu says:

    First music name pls?

  18. Whts name is meozek pleas

  19. Also support me brothers…… I'm here…. New channel

  20. pedro costa says:


  21. Sadisssss amat itu om

  22. Ma Cieq says:

    New electro dragon strategy pls

  23. FUNNY Raduan says:

    Ay I'd tar kono clan castle khola nai base 9 ar

  24. FUNNY Raduan says:

    Tomara akta Id r tag dibo tomi daikha vidio banai ba ok #8L9YUV8L0

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