Xbox One VS PS4 In-depth Graphics Review of Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4

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Hey guys GM here. I decided to create my own comparison video using what IGN posted last week. Just my thoughts based upon what I saw looking at Battlefield 4 running on all 4 systems. Enjoy.

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  1. MiNuTe RoCko says:

    awesome comparison … its really worth watching… had some fun and always the Xbox one is the best….

  2. Euca says:

    ur a wonderful person! 😀

  3. 2016, May. Time showed us everything. Glad I've bought PS4

  4. Nefireous says:

    "It doesn't matter if it's 720p or 1080p"

  5. Project Era says:

    My opinion, if you raise the resolution up, those texture thing will downgrade, if you got a lower resolution, those texture will looks better and show more details, they must hold the balance between these to important element….

  6. Project Era says:

    well, it's 900P on PS4 :))

  7. Tekno Logik says:

    graphics are MORE than just dpi..and ill bet alot of people are gonna be surprised when all the xbox one games start running at 1080 p in the future…they both use THE SAME graphics gpu…just look at the life cycle of the ps3….soooo many promises, most of which were only seen at the very end of the consoles generation…and can we please stop calling these "next gen" the gpus used are from 3 years ago…its embarrasing..and im a pc/tech guy..but i play games on my one…

  8. News says:

    why is every mad its just a Review

  9. RunDeVoo says:

    cool channel, I sub you, can you also check out my vids and sub if you like it! thx!

  10. Kevin Waugh says:

    Another thing also the PS4 is the more powerful in hardware specs, face it Xbox lovers but again its how the developers understand how to use both hardware and software for the 2 systems and we can clearly see the architect for the Xbox is simpler to use, Sony built a system that developers are not fully tapping into that's fact.

  11. Kevin Waugh says:

    lmao so during zooming in on the face of call of duty the xbox 1 anti analising basically not smooth but the Ps4 is smooth no jaggies, the fact of the matter is the xbox 1 using a lower resolution on most games improved their lighting texture and we can clearly see Ps4 is more focus on smoothness and a lower lighting texture.  At the end of the day again folks its what u like lightning texture or smoother textures plus its all about what Tv u use also

  12. F34R Trout says:

    ps4 has way better graphics

  13. PhantomEagle says:

    What I live by is that if it like the actual game/console itself I get it no matter the graphics.

  14. James Dee says:

    You have to adjust your tv for a better balance. The only thing I've seen in this review is that in light moments the ps4 is going to look better and in dark moments the xbox one will look better. Ign did not do a very good job adjusting the tv from console to console. If you do this review with adjustments made to both , the ps4 wins, but not by much fan boys.
    I prefer PC, but own both xbox one and ps4 for those games that are only released on one or the other.Regardless, they both look damn good if your tv has been adjusted and most people would never know the difference

  15. Death says:

    This is what I have been looking for to confirm the higher contrast in
    Xbox one and detailing. I am bias to either consoles so do not use the
    fan boy shit because your ignorant. Now for the sake of PS4 because they
    use ddr 5 and a sight faster possessor clock speed It comes down to
    utilizing which game developers come into play on how they use it on
    next gen games. Now the PS4 has more room to grow in quality and visual
    then the Xbox one but for current games the Xbox one seems to be
    cleaner and higher contrasted which can look good in some games while in
    others it could be took much. A good example to show off Xbox one is
    the nba game 2k 14 which shows a better lighting and contrast to bring out the details in the game. From a cold boot the PS4 is faster then the Xbox one yet the Xbox one starts games much faster. I am not thrilled about Microsoft forcing an upgrade to Windows 10 on the xbox one but other then that I have no gripes. Xbox one is now backwards compatible with the 360 games how ever you still have to install those games mostly onto the console. I have seen performance from both and for the moth part they seem to equally run games really good. I really didn't want to go to the Xbox one but it looks like for me it will have to be the one I choose because I am picky about looks and details especially if I am going to spend that kind of money.

  16. What? Ps4 looks fuzzy not soft, what the hell!

  17. lol pasted the words ps4 or xbox on a picture means nothing obviously your an xbox fan boy because the resolution on the ps4 version is better than whats being showed. anyway in the end it doesnt matter ps4 is better in many more ways rather than just detail examples: ps4 can switch out harddrives and you can out a 2terabyte or even bigger in it, xbox one if you tried to change the harddrive it'd most likely break the system or would not function correctly. ps4: you can see all your friends easily. xbox one: your friends are merge in with non friends which is a pain in the arse, shall i continue because lets face it xbox one is a disaster.

  18. thomasotje10 says:

    fun fact: the xbox one's graphics aren't good enough for ps4 fanboys LOL

  19. llama dudes says:

    In my opinion one of the only reasons I think ps4 is a little better than Xbox one is the power but you can't tell whatsoever when playing a game that it is more nor do I care I love my Xbox one and anything said about I can be disproven

  20. Xbox one is better at lighting details and they go pretty even for character wise it's just a preference mostly

  21. who cares if you get money honestly

  22. YouDude says:

    Ur not very bright, right?

  23. good job men ..why you didnt do this with other games

  24. Pommes Mayo says:

    i was playing BF4 on friends PS4 and on my Xbox one….yes the Xbox One version looks little bit better. 🙂

  25. Opfero TV says:

    xbox one wins.
    some games are looking better on the one and some are looking better on the ps4

  26. Daniel Gratz says:

    PS4 runs bf4 at 900p XBOX ONE runs bf4 at 720p

  27. scar 2k15 says:

    JESUS! i got pain in my eyes every time this guy switched to ps4 from xbox one! WTF sony? `JESUS MY EYES! and you know what? it always been like this, xbox always had better picture quality than playstation, dont know why :/ xbox one wins in this battle 🙂 MY EYES!

  28. This is crushed blacks your TV and ps4 settings aren't correct set them up properly and you'll see the difference so it's not the game but it's you not taking the time to look into your TV settings and turning it to full RGB and turning your ps4 to full so they match or if your TV only stops at limited turn ya ps4 to limited if you still don't understand google it

  29. dustinwb86 says:

    xbox always looks better and im not a fanboy its the truth

  30. Chris Pete says:

    Fuck Xboxone ps4 is always going to be the Best console of all time fuck you I am gadget man

  31. KINGBLAST333 says:

    Ps4 more realistic
    Xbox one too bright but good

  32. Al3x Massie says:

    Xbox 1 has better graphics

  33. TheFireyGod says:

    Ps4 is disgusting bleh 

  34. x1 always win ps4 fuck you

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