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45 Replies to “Xbox PUBG 22 KILL WIN!!”

  1. zael cruz says:

    People were so bad.

  2. These dudes you are playing are garbage multiple people had shots on you and didnt take them or were straight potatoes but you did capitalize so ggs bro

  3. Tkk Ingk says:

    That guy with the sks is trash if that way me you would been in the lobby

  4. Kevin nguyen says:

    I know console controller is harder to aim in a game like pubg when compared to PC. But shit, from a PC player perspective you guys fking suck LOL

  5. Playing like shroud? Dic rider.

  6. Rohit Yadav says:

    Bro does Pubg perform well in console. Please reply

  7. rav620 says:

    I play better on mobile lmao

  8. Buy your friend a headset. They are under 15 bucks on amazon or even at Walmart or quit playing with him and tell him to get a job. He ruined your video

  9. Matt M says:

    lol your playing with noobs. he held the dumbest lean on you at like 8:25 . come try that on my acocunt and your head woulda been blown clean off. all you see with ppl i play with is half their head

  10. Btw shroud doesn’t play TPP

  11. cool kid says:

    I am better then this kid

  12. Trent Thinks says:

    good match lol 10:11 tho.. that guy is funny sry hu huuu..😂

  13. Party full of Caucasian boys saying the N word , so cool. You guys dropped school and killed bots good for you. My squad would out gun your squad any day I’d wager even.

  14. Out Numbrd says:

    Stop saying nigga, thats so annoying, your fucking playing pubg

  15. John Chacon says:

    your friend commenting is a a retard….. he said there is two there and two other ones probably in the grass somewhere when there was only 4 alive two of which was you and your bud

  16. Rob Earl says:

    He’s playing on pc

  17. Its third person… 22kills in 3rd p = 5 kills in first person

  18. Truski Tv says:

    I can tell that the dude in the background 1:16 is not black tell him to watch his fuckin mouth, he can’t use the word nigga

  19. Lee Mcgivern says:

    Because I'm awful at this game I expect to see my gamer Tag on one of these videos, as every gamers seems to be a fricking youtuber

  20. Wanting to just play with a YouTuber just for fun HMU if you’d like to 🙂

  21. Lucas says:

    Gotta love the lil Xan outro

  22. John Piper says:

    If hes using mouse and key hes not that good lol. If hes using controller hes not to bad

  23. F G says:

    I have potato aim with the controller I don't know how you do it

  24. jacob romero says:

    I got into a game with you the other day and shot you out of a buggy with a VSS lol.. gg no ttp.

  25. James Hunt says:

    White guys trying to sound black lol what a joke i woukd have deleted that audio out they sound dumb

  26. ImVannox says:

    Talks about playing like shroud ans misses First Easy shots…

  27. MrAktivz says:

    Funny how console play pubg😂😂

  28. Ayyye u play wid subs n damn that niqqa uses niqqa alot and im black n use it alot but idc

  29. ayush roy says:

    1:38 thats what i call rape..

  30. Pretty good gameplay for the Xbox good game

  31. Ricky Bobby says:

    Those guys at the end were trash

  32. Questune says:

    I have to world record for most kills in a pubg game on Xbox only which is 41

  33. Bryun says:

    Shroud doesn’t play TPP

  34. Joe Wayne says:

    Mouse n keyboard here

  35. I got 14 in Solo ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°

  36. There are people who have got more kills then you on Xbox and they don’t call themselves shroud

  37. JermX-Gamez says:

    Lmaoooo use a bandaid😂

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