Zelda Caused Mass Effect to Fail, Pokemon Quest on IOS + Android, PUBG Skin Traders Lose Millions


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Zelda Caused Mass Effect to Fail, Pokemon Quest on IOS + Android, PUBG Skin Traders Lose Millions along with a Pokemon GO Level guide and Sony explaining about cross play coming to PS4 soon.

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Capcom Ditches Guns N’ Roses Boss Names For Mega Man X Collection

Metal Gear’s Solid Snake, Naked Snake and Raiden join up for Super Bomberman…

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44 Replies to “Zelda Caused Mass Effect to Fail, Pokemon Quest on IOS + Android, PUBG Skin Traders Lose Millions”

  1. Someones gotta be blamed. Always.

  2. RenatoFr25 says:

    Have you played Pokémon quest? Interesting content man

  3. MisterLL19 says:

    So,if something isn't going their way they are blaming some else? That's pretty sad…

    Pretty cool that snake is on bomberman R…

  4. Take me home to paridice city isn't that great. Sweet child of mine and welcolm to the jungle are the great songs of guns and roses

  5. Picklez02 says:

    The only place where trolls will ever be defeated is Denmark

  6. Jiji Poid says:

    Lol if they mean failed because Zelda was a better game ok sure.. It's simple EA needs to step up their game and just stop being ultra greedy… You can't strangle the development teams, rush them and expect your customers to pay a premium for said games and enjoy it.. It wont work.

  7. And yet they don't change the bad voice acting in x4 or terrible dialogue in x6. Now i get to see I hid my self while i tried to repair my self In glorious HD

  8. Meanwhile Chrono Trigger has three characters named Ozzy, Slash, and Flea, and much like the future, refused to changed this

  9. Trolls are above pros in overwatch. There comes a point in time where u play a game long enough to become pro that it gets too boring so u start reckin scrubbs in Troll fashion and that is the only satisfaction u can ever get anymore as a player

  10. Just Nathan says:

    I like Pokemon quest, I don't like how some of the moves, but I learn how to make it work…

  11. Dont Panic says:

    The Zelda ruining Mass Effect argument is just wrong. How much of the market would Zelda and Mass Effect Andromeda even have to compete in? Zelda is Switch exclusive and Andromeda never released on the Switch. So unless a person owns a Switch and one other console or gaming PC, only then they could potentially have to "choose between the two", and it's not like Andromeda and Zelda appeal that much to the same crowd. One's Sci-fi, the other is Fantasy.

  12. drydenness says:

    To me the music sounds like 8-16 bit versions of the normal songs.
    Of course BOTW it's to blame for the failure of a game that is of a completely different genre, sure.

  13. PezPro says:

    Who even likes EA anymore?

  14. Mogeland says:

    proto play OW again but use LFG makes it 100% better

  15. DMAN D says:

    I was gonna buy the Mega Man X legacy collection but then I got a CRT and a SNES emulator on my wii and it looks amazing. I am never going back to LCD for retro games.

  16. I blame EA for killing Mass Effect that was my favorite series.

  17. Shayma98 says:

    The Sims people have not read many mystery novels, have they?

  18. So let me see if I follow EA makes a garbage game and instead of looking at themselves they blame another company for why their trash game bombed okay makes sense.

  19. Jack Riley says:

    Zelda was a masterpiece which I played for over 500hours I played mass effect for two hours it was boring Buggy and felt outdated EA are nothing but greed they ruined Star Wars games they ruined mass effect they ruined the sims they will probably ruin dragon age in the next game so woo gg EA.

  20. How do I feel about Konami slowly trickling back into the gaming scene… as long as we get some new Castlevania or Trevor/Simon Belmont in Smash Ultimate I'm ok with it.

  21. K Z says:


  22. Time Lizard says:

    Megaman X is the best soundtrack in all of gaming history.

  23. Proto Mario asks the viewers about what they think about minor changes in remasters.

    An ad for Crash N. Sane Trilogy pops up right after he said that.

  24. Lucky24 says:

    Ahh how EA has become such a stereotype of Gen Y millenials.
    Its always someone else's fault and never their own fault, because personal accountability and responsibility are concepts that only developers with Integrity have.
    EA = Early Access
    What a joke they have become, why dont they stick to releasing crappy sport games every year that are all the same game.

  25. elentarisil says:

    Guns N' Roses + Megaman = Excellency. Still I would like that they would have kept the old names instead of changing them.

  26. Gargoyle says:

    Doom is filled with remixes of metal and rock songs. Hardly surprising that Megaman is.

  27. zelda? lol. excuses excuses

  28. If you're failing at something, just blame Nintendo and everything will be fixed 😂

  29. Somehow I think that making a buggy mess of a game is the fault of the game developers. I don’t know why though: it’s just a hunch.

  30. Pokemon quest only for non outdated phones 😢

  31. I'd like to try Pokemon Quest but somehow it doesn't appear on Google play on my phone😶

  32. Angela Gray says:

    zelda is just a better game hands down and anyone who claims it caused mass effect to fail is just jealous XD

  33. Duo Beard says:

    I blame Zelda for Nintendo’s success

  34. The new Zelda game isn't even that good, even proto made a video pointing that out

  35. NogyCZ says:

    Awesome piece of video. Keep up the great work! :))

  36. Meanwhile, these GameVice suckers want to ban the Switch in America.

  37. Zhello says:

    Link: LOL what did we do? Someone is salty.

  38. that guy says:

    For Megaman X5 The translators husband was a Guns and Roses Fan so she named the bosses after them.

  39. The last story -_- Sigh.

  40. Spectrum says:

    Zelda caused Mass Effect to fail… by being a better game

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